Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti, (* 28. October 1963 in Cinecittà, Italy) is Italian Popsänger and - musician, who plays guitar, Piano and Schlagzeug.

The Eros born as a son of a painter began its career as a dte rodent, when it pulled to Milan. 1984reserved it with its Song Terra promessa the first seat in the category “new voice” of the San Remo music festival. It probably inherited the talent in addition from its father, that better, even if unknown quantity were a musician. Eros published a series ofAlbums, both from Balladen with auto+biographic contents, and skirt music contained and achieved by it international success. Eros Ramazzotti is well-known beside Italy particularly in Germany, Spain , Mexico and Argentina. Each album from it appears both in Spanish, and in Italian. In its long career Eros already co-operated with very many international artists. It sang among other things Duette with Joe Cocker, Cher, Anastacia and Pavarotti.

It was from 24. April 1998 until spring 2002 with Swiss host Michelle Hunziker marries, with which itsince 5. December 1996 the daughter Aurora Sophie has, to which it dedicated a song with L'Aurora. In addition it has a remarkable Tätowierung with its name, in old-German writing on the right lower arm. A further Tatoo is in its neck, it is asiatic characterstheir meaning with “sweetly, as honey” can be translated. It has a third Tätowierung on its left arm, it shows its asterisk (scorpio).

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