Ervin Skela

Ervin Skela (* 17. November 1976 in Vlora) is an Albanian football player in services of the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern.


Skela began its soccer player career with the Albanian Erstligisten Flamurtari Vlora, changed then to the sport club Tirana. Starting from 1995 it played first for union Berlin (1995 - 1997), fiber plastic ore mountains Aue (1997 - 1999), the Chemnitzer fiber plastic (1999 - 2000) and changed to the season half to the sports association forest yard Mannheim, with which it around one point the ascent into the 1. Soccer federal league missed. From 2001 to 2004 it played with unity Frankfurt, changed for the season 2004/2005 to the DSC Arminia Bielefeld. Since the season 2005/2006 it plays for the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern.

Ervin Skela is besides since 2000 Albanian national player.


of international matches: 15 (for Albania)
international match gates: 3 (for Albania)
federal league plays:
(Before the play time 2005/2006)
62 (of it 30 for unity Frankfurt and 32 for Arminia Bielefeld)

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