an adult is humans, who exceeded a certain age and with which one therefore assume he possesses the full physical and cognitive ripe one, if certain exceptions are present.

Adult the individual acquired thus those necessary abilities and knowledge, which enable it to a considerable degree to make the decisions necessary for its life and progress.

Adults get in the comparison with young people both more rights and responsibility. With its age it is generally accepted that they can provide for itself. With occurring the adult age or depending upon legislation also sooner or later can rights to driving a car, which drinking alcohol, which smoking, journeys abroad, which right to vote, sexual intercourse or the marriage accompany.

legal situation in Germany

against langläufiger opinion one will not arise for the majority in such a way specified in Germany with reaching. Steps with completion 18. Lebensjahres the most important indication of the development of humans to the adult, i.e. the full legal competency, as well as some important other rights like the free regulation over the own place of residence and the unrestricted active right to vote.

However it does not only show up there but in particular in the criminal law that under 21-jährige of age ones are not seen yet in each case as adults that their ripe process does not have to be locked yet. Because up to the completion 21. Lebensjahres there examined, whether they are to be equated in accordance with her development still another young person, thus youth criminal law to be used must, or whether they already possess the ripe one of an adult, thus adult criminal law to be used must.

one, differently

as in many other countries, is considered to situation in Japan in Japan already with 20 years than grown-up.

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