Erwin Ballabio

Erwin Ballabio (* 20. October 1918 in bed-laugh with Solothurn) was a Swiss football player, who international match-in-corrodes from 1939-47 on 27 into Swiss national soccer team came.

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association, 1930-1956

in the junior crew of the fiber plastic Grenchen began 1933 by a coincidental conversion during a youth play, „the Goalie “- career of the Erwin Ballabio acting up to then as field players in the defense. Until 1956 it remained faithful for its association for local history. Three play times was it for vocational further training in strange services (1940/41 in Lausanne; 1946-48 in Thun). As outstanding goal keepers was it the guarantor for the vice-championships in the years 1939, 1940 and 1942 and the introduction into the cup final to 25. March 1940 against grass hopper club Zurich. The championship 1942 decided grass hopper with the better gate relationship against the point-same Grenchen, where Ballabio played an outstanding round. Among the most beautiful experiences for „the black Panther “the travel with Grenchen in March 1947 ranked certainly to the fiber plastic Barcelona. In Statur, employment use, skill and reflexes he was the ideal Torsteher. An irreproachable position play, a fear of opposing legs, a sharp eye for Penalty and free impact contactors were not further advantages, which were after-said to it.

national team, 1939-47

its excellente achievements and good cutting of its association fiber plastic off Grenchen caused to 12. February 1939 with the play in Lisbon against Portugal its debut with a 4:2 victory in the national team of Switzerland. With the play to 8. It terminated June 1947 in Lausanne under coach Karl Rappan against France with a 1:2 defeat its career in „the Nati “. Memorable plays were in particular 2:1 victory to 20. April 1941 in Berne against Germany, the meeting at the 11. May 1946 in London against England, where the British with 4:1 proved their home strength and its anniversary 25. International match to 10. November 1946 in Berne with 1:0 success against Austria with the Stürmern Franz binder and William cock man on sides of the Austria eleven. The best time of Ballabio as goal keepers fell into the effects 2. World war. That must be considered at the number of its employments and participation in large tournaments (failed world championship tournaments 1942 and 1946). Karl Rappan, the of many years nation Alco oh Swiss, judged once as follows of Ballabio: „It was a outstanding Keeper with a pronounced sense for the position play. Decided and energetically he intervened in each case in the happening. Its Statur, its body size and the weight gave him crucial advantages. Owing to its athletic abilities it was its own Beherr of the five-meter area. To lift out is the conscientiousness, with which Ballabio prepared in each case. “

, 1956-67 in

the year 1956 it terminated and took over coaches after the descent from the national league A of its player career with the fiber plastic Grenchen immediately the training line with his association. It led back the fiber plastic immediately in the series of 1956/57 into the national league A. In the cup final to 19. April 1959 in Berne against Servette Geneva it substituted as active its hurt goal keeper and celebrated with 1:0 victory as 41-Jähriger with special joy this title gain. In the league one had reached already 1959 the vice-championship behind Young Boys Berne. As a title defender it led its team one year later again into the cup final. Luzern became generally accepted with a 1:0 success however against the Ballabio favorites. In the round 1963/64 succeeded again with that to 3. Penetrating into the table point struggled. In the year of the soccer world championship 1966 in London it terminated its activity in Grenchen after 10 years. Now the appointment followed as Resssortchef of the national team in the technical department of the Swiss soccer federation. When coach Alfredo Foni could not terminate a defeat series of 1966/67, Ballabio was used also as national coach. With a memorable 7:1 success to 24. May 1967 in Zurich with the European championship qualification play against Romania it began its new activity. Also 2:0 Auswärtserfolg in Lisbon to 16. April 1969 against WM-third of 1966, Portugal, with the qualification play for the soccer world championship 1970 in Mexico was a positive example of its working with the national team. After the play to 2. November 1969 in Berne, Fritz Künzli had obtained, withdrew the hit to 1:1 it from the office of the national coach.


the learned paperhanger put the foundation-stone with its stays in Lausanne and Thun to the successful activity as a businessman. 1953 he became a director of the largest Kinotheaters of Grenchen and connected themselves with a supraregional cinema chain.


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