Erwin Jacobi

of these articles describes the politician Erwin Jacobi. For the state and Kirchenrechtler of the same name, see Erwin Jacobi (lawyer)

to Erwin Jacobi (* 1902) was a German politician (DKP-DRP, DP, NPD)

vocational was Jacobi as an attorney actively. It belonged to the joint founders of the German conservative party in Hamburg, to 22. March 1946 in the DKP-DRP came up. Jacobi represented from now on that Hamburg regional organization in the zone advice of the new party. After negotiations for a merger with the DP failed, change it with William Ziegeler and numerous further party friends to this.

1949 to 1957 were Jacobi of citizenry delegates in Hamburg. 1949 to 1951 it belonged also to the district meeting Altona .

Of 2. December 1953 up to 4. December 1957 was Jacobi within Hamburg of the block (CDU, FDP, DP) police senator and starting from 1. January 1956 also health senator.

After the union from DP and GB/BHE to the Union of Police Jacobi belonged to the group around Fritz Thielen, which for the time being resumed the DP and 1964 in the establishment of the NPD took part, whose Hamburg regional chairman became he. 1966 he was unsuccessful leading candidate of the NPD with that Hamburg citizenry choice.


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