Erwin Josef Ender

Erwin Josef Ender (* 7. September 1937 in stone reason, district Habelschwerdt (ehem.County Glatz/ Schlesien) is Apostoli Nuntius in Germany.


Ender received according to philosophical-theological studies at the Westfäli William university in Münster and the papal University of Gregoriana in Rome to 10. October 1965 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe. According to resuming studies it attained a doctorate 1970 at the Gregoriana to the doctor theology with a thesis about welfare economics and justification. An investigation on the welfare question with John Henry Newman and stepped afterwards into the services of the Vatikan.

From 1970 to 1974 he noticed functions of the administration, 1974 changed he into the diplomatic section, where he led the German-language department of the office of the secretary of state to 1990. To 15. March 1990 appointed it Pope Johannes Paul II. to the Titularerzbischof of Germania in Numidia and donated to it to 5. April of the same yearly the Bischofsweihe.

Shortly thereafter it sent it as Apostoli Delegaten into the region Red Sea and still appointed it in the same year the Apostoli pro Nuntius in the Sudan. 1993 became Ender of Apostoli Delegat in Somalia, 1997 Apostoli Nuntius for the Baltic States of Lithuania, Lettland and Estland, 2001 Apostoli Nuntius in the Czech republic. Since 2003 it is Apostoli Nuntius in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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