Erwin cousin

Erwin cousin (* 23. January 1937 in Mannheim) is CDU of Baden-Wuerttemberg - a politician.

Erwin cousin began its vocational career after law studies and two state exams in the year 1964 as a civil servant of the interior administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg. There it served in different functions up to the year 1972, as it for the mayor (later: Mayor) of the city Ettlingen (district Karlsruhe) was selected.

He noticed this local top position up to his appointment as the secretary of the environment in the year 1987.

In the course of the political processing of the Tschernobyl - events in Baden-Wuerttemberg a Department of the Environment was furnished. Lothar Späth appointed Erwin cousin as the first secretary of the environment of the country. This office noticed cousins up to the establishment of the large coalition in the year 1992, when the Department of the Environment was assigned to the SPD. Cousin transferred then the task of the Minister of State in the Department of State with competencies in the range of the federal politics, the media guidelines and the European politics. Starting from 1992 cousin belonged also to the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg as a delegate. To the choice to 14. Federal state parliament to 26. March 2006 it did not begin and separated thereby from the federal state parliament.

After the completion of the large coalition cousin was appointed in the year 1996 the Social Minister. With the surprising reason, cousin is too old, dismissed him Prime Minister Erwin devil in November 1998 from the office for Minister.

Erwin cousin transferred the honorary office of the president of the command and staff academy Karlsruhe in January 1999. In addition it presides the Josef Saier donation in the Ötigheim of Baden , is member in the Kuratorium of the university Karlsruhe - technology and economics and engages itself for cultural projects.

Privately Erwin cousin is married and has two adults of children.


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