coat of arms of a Roman-catholic archbishop< /br>identifiable from the green bishop hat (galero) with twenty laterally down-hanging Quasten (fiochi), as well as by the erzbischöflichen cross put up behind the coat of arms sign. The Pallium points out that this archbishop is also a Metropolit.

The term archbishop (of Greek αρχή, arché for beginning, guidance and επίσκοπος, epískopos for bishop, literal custodians) originally designates the bishop residing in the capital of a Roman province (religious title). It appointed and led the Provinzial synode,from which the upper supervision over the bishops of the province developed. Archbishops in this sense (i.e. custodians of a church province) become simultaneous, contrary to residing archbishops, whose ore diocese is subordinated directly to holy chair or another ore diocese, also as Metropoliten designated.

„Archiepiscopus “were called since karolingischer time also the outstanding bishops. For confirmation they received the Pallium from the Pope or the Patriarchen. An archbishop had a regional church to lead and their bishops weihen. The archbishop is as a bishopan ore diocese the other bishops coordinated. In Germany in the meantime new church provinces with archbishops at the point were established.

Beside the residing bishops (with or without church province) it gives the designation „to archbishop “also as title of a high-ranking Prälaten of the Kurie orin the diplomatic service (Titularerzbischof).

In the Protestant church of the anglo-saxon countries and in Sweden and Finland archbishop designates the leading bishop.

To differentiate are also the ore dioceses, which at the same time metropolitan seat is (z. B. Ore diocese Cologne) andthose, which are located in the rank of an ore diocese, however no metropolitan seats represent. These can exemt (z. B. Strasbourg) or also even Suffraganbistümer its (z. B. Sens). It is entitled to the Apostoli chair to establish a church province if thoseConditions it require and thus a bishop seat to the ore diocese to raise or however a metropolitan seat waive and the bishop seat in the rank of an ore diocese to leave.

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