Ore diocese Addis Abeba

the ore diocese Addis Abeba is the head office of the church Äthiopisch catholic with the Roman-catholic church university ores.

Already 1839 as Apostoli prefecture Abessinien justified, became it to 4. May 1846 the Apostoli Vikariat Galla taken. The prefecture was then raised 1847 into the rank of a Apostoli Vikariates. To 25. March 1937 it the Apostoli prefectures Tigrai, Dessié and Gondar were then separated and the name of the Apostoli Vikariates was amended on Addis Abeba.

To 31. Octobers 1951 to the Apostoli Exarchat raised, were supplied to him the areas of the dissolved Apostoli prefectures Dessié, Emdeber and Gondar. To 20. February 1961 to the ore diocese and Metropoliten raised, became it to 25. November 2003 the Apostoli Exarchat taken of Emdeber, so that the ore diocese covers now a surface of 300.600 km ².

If the ore diocese counted 1970 still 26,500 (0.4%) Gläubige in 14 Pfarreien with 17 Diözesanpriestern, 58 medal priests and 62 medal sisters, then their number rose until 2002 to 51.196 (0.2%) in 33 Pfarreien with 27 Diözesanpriestern, 142 medal priests and 219 medal sisters.

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