Ore diocese Berlin

Karte des Erzbistums Berlin in Deutschland
base data
bishop: George cardinal Sterzinsky
bishop: Wolfgang again
Generalvikar: Ronald red ago
Dekanate: 18
Pfarreien: 112
surface: 31,200 km ²
inhabitants: 5,7 millions
Catholic: approx. 380,000
Diözesanpriester: 282
deacons: 27
medal sisters: 614
portion: 6.7%
address: Niederwallstrasse 8-9
10117 Berlin
Website: www.erzbistumberlin.de
E-Mail address:
Map of the church province
Karte der Kirchenprovinz in Deutschland

the ore diocese Berlin (lat. Archidioecesis Berolinensis) is a Diözese in the northeast of Germany and covers the capital Berlin and parts of the Land of the Federal Republic Brandenburg as well as the vorpommerschen part of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The situation is characteristic as diocese in the Diaspora.

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already in 19. Century was furnished in Berlin a Delegatur, which by the Propst thatBerlin Hedwigskirche was led. Since the Protestant kings of Prussia did not bear catholic bishops in their capital, the area belonged to the ore diocese Breslau. Only after the abolishment of the monarchy and the establishment of the Weimar Republic a diocese could be created in Berlin. To 13. August 1930 was established on the areas of the historical dioceses Havelberg , Brandenburg , coming min and Lebus the diocese Berlin and the bishop von Meissen, Christian writer to the 1. Bishop of Berlin appoint. With the division of Berlin 1945 (bishop was Konrad cardinal ofPreysing) was considered the diocese as that diplomatically and administratively most difficult of the European churches.

To 27. June 1994 was raised the diocese Berlin to the ore diocese with the Suffraganbistümern Dresden Meissen and Görlitz. It became one of the traditional cardinal seats in Germany, beside Cologne and Munich andFreesing.

In the year 2003 the ore diocese turned out so strongly into financial problems that it threatened, insolvent to become. For the reorganization of the financing among other things the number of church municipalities was reduced by pool of 207 to at present 112. Those rendered important support with the disencumbermentother German (ore) dioceses.

church mechanisms

of monasteries

student municipalities

  • KSG Hl. Edith stone, Berlin

youth church

  • youth church SAM, Berlin cross mountain

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