of these articles treats the Turkish city, for the province of the same name sees Erzincan (province).
Situation of Erzincan in Turkey

Erzincan is a city and an administrative seat of the province of the same name Erzincan in the east of Turkey. The name of the city is probably derived from the words Eriza or Aziriz . At first the city Erziricin was called. The number of inhabitants amounts to 111,700 (2004).

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the city is on
coordinates: 39° 44 ' 47 " N and 39° 29 ' 29 " O
39° 44 ' 47 " N and 39° 29 ' 29 " O. Erzincan is appropriate for coined/shaped settlement structure to a large extent as city in one rural. Erzincan is because of the north bank of the river Karasu, which flows east of Erzincan into the Euphrates.


Erzincan has a continental climate. The summers are warm to hot and very much drying. The winters are snow-rich rau and. Most precipitation falls in the spring. The yearly precipitation sum amounts to approx. 381mm and the annual average temperature are with 11°C. Compared with other cities in Ostanatolien (except Malatya, Tunceli, Elazig) it has a mild climate. Coldest month is January with -3,3°C, warmest month is July and August with approx. 23°C.


history ore Inc. to decreases/goes back far. At the beginning 20. Century the area was inhabited by Armenians, who were sold around 1915 . In the summer months of the yearly 1915 Erzincan was occupied by Russian troops under general Yudenic. 1939 were destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake the entire city. After the end 2. World war the city was removed to the garrison, without considerable industry was settled.

Starting from 1960 and strengthened around 1970 an intensified migration took place to Central Europe.

1983 and 1992 came it again to consequence-fraught earthquakes, with which large parts of the infrastructure were destroyed. 1983 1,331 dead ones, 1992 are counted 653 dead ones. Thousands became shelterless.


Erzincan is because of the road between Sivas and Erzurum. By the mountains a road leads east of Erzincan after Elazığ. The city is to Sivas - Erzurum - because of the railroad line Istanbul - Ankara - Kars.


over the borders Anatoliens away are well-known the Thermalquellen and the fortress of Erzincan.

Erzincan has a very much arranged traffic system, which is unusually dizipliniert for Turkish conditions. The road system is similar, as in the USA, divided into parallel running roads. Each road leads, if one goes it along, sometime inevitably into the center.

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