Esther de Gélieu

Esther Mieg (* 20. September 1757; † 13. June 1817) was a teacher, head mistress and educator.


Esther Mieg geb. de Gélieu becomes to 20. September 1757 as a youngest daughter of the minister Jacques de Gélieu in Les Verrières born and grows up with its brother Jonas de Gélieu in Lignières . After its entrance into the Mädchenpensionat led by their sisters Salomé de Gélieu , Rose Prince and Marie Elizabeth de Pury into Neuchâtel is trained it as the educator of young ladies by conditions and transfers after separating the sister rose educational activities in the Pensionat. In the year 1782 it receives a call as a chief of the kurfürstlichen Philantropin, the today's Karolinen High School in Frankenthal (Pfalz), which becomes due to an edict of the pfälzischen cure prince Karl Theodor from the same year the first national higher Mädchenschule in Germany. Since 1786 it is common to Gouvernante of the daughters of the count von Nassau-Weilburg, after their marrying it with its married man, the Basler physician Dr. Melchior Mieg a Mädchenpensionat in Basel opens. In this time close relations with temporarily likewise the Johann Caspar Lavater living in Basel exists. Later the Pensionat is shifted after Colombier, where Esther Mieg deceases 1817.


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