as stage running all Radrennen are designated, with which on several days successively individual matches - so-called stages - are delivered, their results as driven times in a total valuation are added and thereby summarized. Against it the single results are revalued into points and added or playthe total valuation - also as time valuation - one in relation to the daily valuations (e.g. of prize moneys), then one speaks role rather subordinated of a running series.

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after for the end 19. Century were delivered ever longer a daily running, which made the wheel running drivers increasingly for made excessive demands of possible (for instance starting from 1891 Paris Brest Paris over 1200 km), only the idea of a stage running the meaningful employment of larger distances. As the first stage running of the world 1903 becamethe route de France in the life called. After the model of the route few years were introduced later also into Belgium (starting from 1908) and Italy (with the giro d'Italia, starting from 1909) national round travels.

important stage running

“Grands route”

that by farmost famous and oldest stage running and cycle racing event at all the 1903 are since then annual in the life called and in July delivered route de France. Apart from the route also the giro becomes d'Italia (in May, since 1909) and the Vuelta A España (in September, since 1935) toothe “Grands route” counted. The “large round travels” emphasize themselves particularly by their duration of in each case three weeks as well as an extremely fastidious Streckenprofil. The Grands route is maximumevaluated running of the UCI pro route.

UCI pro route

to the season 2005 the introduced UCI pro route, a series of the 28 most important Radrennen yearly, covers 13 stage running. In the point valuation the route de France is emphasized (100 points for the 1. Place), afterwards giro and Vuelta follow (in each case 85 points for the 1. Place). The remaining stage running becomewith 50 points for the 1. Place evaluates.

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further one international stage running (selection)

German stage running


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