a label (v. frz.: more etiquetter, out more estiquier = feststecken) (urspr. Note with references in the Spanish yard ceremony) is a sign on the packing of a product, which serves as storage medium. It knows data concerning contents, the price, the address, transport and danger references as well as instructions like e.g. Textile care symbols contain. On branded articles the label is besides an advertising medium and contains data concerning the mark. A special form is the goods safeguard label, which serves in the trade as measure for the theft safety device.

For the attachment of the label in production different procedures of labeling are used. One calls self adhesive stickers adhesive labels.

In the transferred sense the term label used for an allocation of certain terms, groups, circumstances etc. with a common abbreviation, which is connected with positive or negative associations. As example labeling individual persons, parties or organizations can be stated as “left” or “right” within the political range. A labeling in this sense leads easily to a simplification of more complex would background and to the prejudice formation.

See also: Label, wine label

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