Eudo of Aquitanien

Eudo of Aquitanien, (also Odo; † 735) contemporary sources became as dux (duke) in or princeps (prince) from Aquitanien designates. It had two sons, Hunoald and Ato, in addition a daughter Lampegia (?).

Nominal Eudo depended on the Franconia king. Its rule might have begun approximately around 700 as successors of Lupus. Chilperich II. and its house Meier Raganfrid turned after their defeat against Karl Martell with Vincy 717 to Eudo and asked it for an alliance; but they offered the acknowledgment to it as rex, thus legal independence from the Franconia realm. Karl could not be struck however; after a lost battle 718 with Soissons Eudo Chilperich delivered at Karl, and closed thereupon and the hereditary right at the duchy received a friendship treaty with him.

The Arabs defeated Eudo 721 before Toulouse, advancing over the Pyreneeses. The dear Pontificalis, which history of the bishops of Rome, mentions this success and explains it with the gifts - pieces of geweihten sponges - which one sent to the duke and its “Franconia”. This message is remarkable, because it shows that the duke of Aquitanien, as simultaneous also from Bavaria, maintained already own relations with the Kurie. An alliance with the Berber prince Munnuz dropped from the Arabs served the safety device before further Arab attacks (also: Manuza), which married the daughter Eudos. On their course after route the Arabs caused then with Poitiers a heavy defeat to Eudo 732, at the end however won it together with Karl Martell the famous battle at the Roman road from route to Poitiers and threw the Arabs from the Franconia realm back.

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