Eugène Gabriel Gervais Laurent Tisserant

Eugène Gabriel Gervais Laurent cardinal Tisserant (* 24. March 1884 in Nancy; † 21. February 1972) was Kardinaldekan of the catholic church.


the Tisserant born in the French Nancy became to 4. August 1907 to the priest geweiht.

Pope Pius XI. raised it to 15. June 1936 to the cardinal. Since Tisserant was not at the time of the collection bishop, he was integrated into the cardinal class of the cardinal deacons and received the title church Santi Vito, Modesto e Crescenzia.

Only four days after, to 19. June, he became a secretary of the Kongregation for the eastern churches. Only one year later, to 25. June 1937 he was appointed the Titularbischof of Iconium. The Bischofsweihe received it one month later, to 25. July by the cardinal undersecretary of state at that time and later Pope Pius XII., Eugenio Pacelli. Kokonsekratoren were the Titularerzbischof of Nicomedia, Giuseppe Migone as well as the archbishop of Strasbourg, Charles Joseph Eugène Ruch. After its consecration Tisserant rose to 13. December 1937 into the class of the cardinal priests up, kept however its old title church.

Two years later, at the 11. It received the title church Santa Maria to December 1939 sopra Minerva and finally became to 18. February 1946 cardinal bishop of the suburbikarischen diocese postage e Santa Rufina.

To 13. January 1951 selected it the Kardinalskollegium to its Dekan. In the same year it became to 10. March Kardinalpräfekt that Congregatio Caeremoniarum today any longer not existing.

1957 received a new field of application to Tisserant, as it Pius XII. to 14. September to the archivist of vatikanischen secret archives and librarian of the vatikanischen library made. Tisserant was member of the Academie Francaise.

To 27. March 1971 withdrew Tisserant from all offices in the Kurie.


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