Eugène de Beauharnais

Eugène rose de Beauharnais (* 3. September 1781 in Paris; † 21. February 1824 in Munich) was the son from the first marriage of Napoleons' wife Joséphine de Beauharnais. Its father was Alexandre de Beauharnais. After the divorce of itsIts sister Hortense lived parents with its nut/mother, Eugène with his father, up to its death.

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Eugène Beauharnais, haven-guessed/advised from Andrea Appiani, around 1800

Eugène became 1797 of his stepfatherNapoleon appointed the officer and took part in those Italy - and Egypt campaigns as its aide . In June 1805 Napoleon used it as viceroy of Italy. Later it the emperor adopted and explained two years him as inheriting. Eugène married 1806 the princess Auguste ofBavaria, 1813 he transferred the supreme command over the French army to Germany.

it had to sell parts of the furniture and the art articles of the lock in Malmaison, inherited after the death of its nut/mother 1814 , to 1815, in order to be able to settle the high debts of its nut/mother.

Afterthe fall Bonapartes he got 1817 of its father-in-law Maximilian I. Joseph of Bavaria the title of a duke of light mountain with that Landgrafentum of the same name and the principality calibrate-corrode as condition rule awarded.

From the marriage with Augusts von Bayern followed seven children:

Its tomb, arranged of Bertel Thorwaldsen and Leo of Klenze 1830, is in the church pc. Michael.

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  • René Blémus: Eugène de Beauharnais: L'honneur à tout vent. - Paris: Edition France Empire, 1993. - ISBN 2704807183

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