Eugen Helmlé

Eugen Helmlé (* 7. September 1927 in Ensdorf /Saar, † 27. November 2000) was a German writer and a literary translator.

Eugen Helmlé studied Rome anise TIC at the university of the Saarland in Saarbruecken, at which he also from 1970 to 1982 as a training representative for Spanish was active. Starting from 1960 its extensive work of translations of belletristischer works appeared predominant, from the French and Spanish. Helmlé, the member of the federation of German writers and the PEN - center of the Federal Republic of Germany was, received 1972 the art price of the Saarland and 1985 the Prix Lémanique de la Traduction of the University of Lausanne. In appreciation of its übersetzerischen work by the Saarland broadcast and the donation ME Saar 2004 of the “Eugen Helmlé Übersetzerpreis “was called in the life, which is lent annually since 2005 alternating to a German and a French translator.

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  • in the night train after Lyon, Berlin 1993
  • bang and case in Lyon, Berlin 1995

publisher shank

  • Résonances, Munich 1989


  • Émile Ajar: You have the life still before you, Frankfurt/Main 1977; King Salomons of fears, Frankfurt/Main 1980
  • Pierre Albert Birot: Everyday life poems, Saarbruecken 1971; The first book of Grabinourlor, Munich 1980; And does not talk not so much about things, which one cannot eat, Munich puts you 1985
  • Robert Antelme: The Menschengeschlecht, Munich [among other things] 1987
  • Louis Aragon: Henri Matisse, Stuttgart 1974
  • max of Aub: Jusep Torres Campalans, Frankfurt/Main 1997; My father son, Wiesbaden 1965
  • Emmanuèle Berne home: Folding measurer, Stuttgart 1987; A Liebespaar, Stuttgart 1989
  • Roger Blondel: Bradfer and the eternal, Karlsruhe 1967
  • André Breton: Ask, Frankfurt/Main 1978; The magnetic fields, Munich 1981
  • Marcel Brion: The German painting, Stuttgart 1961
  • Jean Claude Brisville: The discussion between Descartes and Pascal the younger one, Munich 1985
  • Paul Celan /Gis èle Celan Lestrange: Exchange of letters, Frankfurt/Main 2001
  • Gabriel Chevallier: The girls are free, Karlsruhe 1961
  • Albert Cohen: Eisenbeisser, Stuttgart 1984
  • Roland Dubillard: The carrot garden, Frankfurt/Main 1969
  • Marguerite Duras: The pain, Munich [among other things] 1986
  • Jean Echenoz: Cherokee, Stuttgart 1988
  • Étiemble: Praise of a body, Duesseldorf 1970
  • Pierrette Fleutiaux: The conversions of the queen, Stuttgart 1986
  • arm and Gatti: The imaginary life of the Strassenkehrers August G., Frankfurt/Main 1965; The second existence of the camp act mountain, Frankfurt/M. 1964
  • Robert Genaille: The flämische painting, Stuttgart 1961 (translates together with Annie Oettler)
  • Pere Gimferrer: Max Ernst, Stuttgart 1983
  • George it Arthur Goldschmidt: A garden in Germany, Zurich 1988
  • Juan Goytisolo: Gaudí in Kappadokien, Munich [among other things] 1996; The Häutung of the queue, Munich [among other things] 1995; Ban on hunting, Munich [among other things] 1994
  • Martin Graff: Weihnachtsgeschichten for all cases, Blieskastel 1996
  • Claude hero: Herb and carrots, Munich 1974 (translates together with Ludwig Harig)
  • Alfred Jarry: The green candle, Frankfurt/Main 1993; The love on attendance, Munich 1983; Days and nights, Munich 1985
  • Marie Gisèle national foot: An ugly red building of bricks in Venice, California, Frankfurt/Main 1993
  • Valéry Larbaud: The colors of Rome, Frankfurt/Main 1992
  • Luis Martín Santos: Silence over Madrid, Frankfurt/Main 1991
  • Henry Monnier: Ascent and case of the Joseph Prudhomme, Frankfurt/Main 1982
  • Guy Monreal: Mia, dia., Ia and its cousin Tagabia, Munich 1974 (translates together with Ludwig Harig)
  • François Nourissier: The Frenchmen, Frankfurt/Main 1969; The Hausherr, Tübingen 1968
  • René de Obaldia: The farmer as an astronaut, Munich 1966; Blue vapor, Pforzheim 1976; Dialogues too third, Munich 1972; Escape after Waterloo. Count Zeppelin or Emiles suffering, Wiesbaden 1968; Genousie, Frankfurt/Main 1960; The hundred-year, Wiesbaden 1966; Comedies for thinking, Frankfurt/Main 1968; Monsieur Klebs and Rosalie, Frankfurt/Main 1976; Oskar the column-holy, Frankfurt/Main 1969; The wealth of nature, Blieskastel 1996; Filters one-act play, Neuwied A. RH. [among other things] 1963; Tamerlan of the hearts, Wiesbaden 1964; The unknown general. Sea-air, Munich 1960; Wind in the branches of the Sassafras, Frankfurt/Main 1966
  • René Pacaut: Chicken war, Karlsruhe 1966
  • Georges Perec: Anton Voyls continuation, Frankfurt/Main 1986; The things, Karlsruhe 1966; 53 days, Munich [among other things] 1992; Born 1936, Bremen 1993; The salary increase or like the physical, psychological, climatic, economic and other conditions to be constituted must, so that you have the greatest possible chances to be able to ask your department manager for a Aufbesserung of your content Frankfurt/Main 1970; , Berlin makes stories of Ellis Iceland or like one Americans 1997 (together with Robert Bober); In a net of crossed lines, Bremen 1996; The potato chamber, Frankfurt/Main 1987; An art cabinet, Munich [among other things] 1989; The life, Frankfurt/Main 1982; A man sleeps, Bremen 1988; The machine, Stuttgart 1972; Dreams of areas, Bremen 1990; W or the childhood memory, Frankfurt/Main 1982; Why there are no cigarettes with the costermonger, Bremen 1991; Is 'what for a small moped with bechromter steering bar located there in the yard?, Yard/Saale 1970; The winter journey, Berlin 1990
  • Raymond Queneau: The blue flowers, Karlsruhe 1966; The flight of the Ikarus, Karlsruhe 1969; The skin of the dreams, Frankfurt/Main 1964; Holy Bimbam, Frankfurt/Main 1965 (translates together with Ludwig Harig); The dog tooth, Stuttgart 1972; The children of the old Limon, Frankfurt/Main 1988; The small business of the Monsieur Brabbant, Stuttgart 1977; My friend Pierrot, Frankfurt/Main 1964; A model history, a yard/a Saale 1970; Besides, Frankfurt/Main 1978; Odile, Stuttgart 1973; Sally Maras collected works, Karlsruhe 1. Intimate diary of the Sally Mara, 1963 2. One is always too good to the women, 1964; Sunday of the life, Karlsruhe 1968; Style exercises motorbus S, Frankfurt/Main 1961 (translates together with Ludwig Harig); A severe winter, Frankfurt/Main 1992; Lines, indications and letter, Munich 1990; The Trojan horse and other narrations, Wiesbaden 1964; One winter in Le Havre, Stuttgart 1975; Zazie in the Metro, Frankfurt/Main 1960
  • Yasmina Reza: Three times life, Lengwil 2000; Collected pieces, Lengwil 2000 (translates together with C. Bernd Sucher); Hammer piano, Zurich 1998; “Art”, Lengwil 1996; A despair, Munich [among other things] 2001
  • Christiane Roche away: Spring for beginner, Frankfurt/Main 1970; A rose for Morrison, Frankfurt/Main 1967; The door dahinten, Frankfurt/Main 1990; The world is like two horses, Frankfurt/Main 1986; Fortunately ' s approaches to the summer, Frankfurt/Main 1977
  • Jacques Roubaud: The kidnapping of the beautiful Hortense, Munich [among other things] 1991; The exile of the beautiful Hortense, Munich 1994; The beautiful Hortense, Munich [among other things] 1989
  • André Ruellan: To die the art, Wiesbaden 1966
  • François Ruy Vidal: To foot, to Ross, in the moon projectile, Munich 1974 (translates together with Ludwig Harig)
  • Jean Jacques Sempé: The social ascent of the Monsieur Lambert, Zurich 1979; Small deviation, Zurich 1978
  • Jacques Serguine: Early celebrations, Karlsruhe 1962; Mano, Karlsruhe 1965
  • Georges Simenon: Arrival all-holy, Zurich 1979; Antoine and Julie, Zurich 1983; The Fantome of the Hutmachers, Zurich 1982; The house at the Quai Notre-Dame, Zürich 1990; The squinting Marie, Zurich 1990; The will Donadieu, Zurich 1985; The suspicious one, Zurich 1977; Wave impact, Zurich 1979
  • Philippe Soupault: Early poems 1917 - 1930, Munich 1983
  • Roland Topor: Memoirs of an old asshole, Zurich 1977
  • Boris Vian: Turning worm, Swing and the Plankton, Frankfurt/Main 1982; Autumn in Peking, Frankfurt/Main 1979; Hundred sonnets, Frankfurt/Main 1989; I will spit Frankfurt/Main on your graves, 1979; The Medusenhaupt, Zurich 1987; The red grass, Frankfurt/Main 1979; We become all Fiesen killen, Frankfurt/Main 1981
  • Martin Winckler: Doctor Bruno Sachs, Munich [among other things] 2000


  • Bruno smoke: Linguistic plays - spielerische language, Zurich 1982

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