Eugen gentleman Mr.

Eugen gentleman hedgehog (* 20. March 1884 in Lichtenau (bathe); † 18. April 1955 in part churches) was a German philosopher, who presented Zen the Europeans. Its most well-known work is Zen in the art of the elbow shooting (1948).


gentleman hedgehog studied Evangelist theology until 1909 in Heidelberg. it attained a doctorate to 1913 in philosophy with William diaper volume and Emil Lask with a work over the logic of the number. After its participation in the First World War he was assigned by Heinrich Rickert the publication of the writings Lasks. 1922 it habilitierte itself with element and prototype.

From 1924 to 1930 gentleman hedgehog taught philosophy at the imperial Tôhoku university in Sendai (Japan) and became pupil with a Zen - teachers. Subsequently, he was a professor at the University of attaining

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