Eugen Leibfried

Eugen Leibfried (* 16. April 1897 in Guttenbach, today Neckargerach; † 12. October 1978 in Eberbach (bathe)) was a German politician (CDU).


Leibfried visited the people and technical school and was afterwards in the agricultural enterprise of its parents active. In the 1. It had to serve world war still as a soldier. Then it was active in the Genossenschaftswesen, before it took over 1924 the parental enterprise. 1928 became Leibfried mayor of its homeland municipality. Into the same year it drew offices as a delegate of the German people's party into the federal state parliament of Baden, but had it to 1933 its to give up. In 2. It served world war again as a soldier.

After that 2. World war became Leibfried vice-president of the agricultural Rauffeisen cooperatives of Baden. It joined the CDU and drew into the Kreistag of the district MOS brook . 1949 he was selected into the first German Bundestag, to which he belonged until 1956, as it to 21. June its office laid down.

To 7. October 1953 got it the Prime Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg Gebhard Mueller into its cabinet as a Minister for nutrition, agriculture, viticulture and forests. Three years later it than delegate drew into the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg , to which it belonged until 1972. Without its office for Minister, which he exercised briefly also among the Prime Ministers George Kiesinger and Hans Filbinger, he does to 12. June 1968 in favor of of Friedrich Brünner.


received honors Leibfried the large Order of Merit with star and shoulder volume.


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