Eugen Rosenstock Huessy

Eugen Rosenstock Huessy (* as Eugen rose stick 6. July 1888 in Berlin, † 24. February 1973 in Norwich, Vermont, the USA) was German culture a philosopher, a lawyer, a historian and a sociologist.

Its high idea wealth and its universal education distinguished it . Its intellectual influence on many in all its work areas was important, without forming nevertheless in one `school' - its emigration quite stood 1933 in the USA and its versatility in the way. Time life worked it also for a Christian-Jewish communication.


Eugen Rosenstock Huessy attained a doctorate at the University of Heidelberg in right and philosophy, taught already starting from 1912 jurisprudence at the University of Leipzig, married 1914 Swiss Margret Huessy (therefore it then its double name), served in the First World War as an officer at the west front and worked thereafter at the company Daimler Benz, for which it gave the first German work newspaper out. Starting from 1921 and led he created the academy for work in Frankfurt/Main and returned 1923 as a professor to the University of Breslau , where he researched and taught up to his emigration 1933. From 1928 to 1932 he organized freiwillige common labour camps for students, young farmers and workers, who connected manual labor with intensive discussions to social questions. In this time already numerous of its books appeared.

1933 it fled before the national socialism into the United States, worked there first to the Harvard University, then from 1935 to the entrance into the retirement 1957 at the Dartmouth college. 1940 asked the president of the USA, Franklin D. Roosevelt. it to organize the guidance training for the Civilian Conservation Corps for which it justified the Camp William James in Vermont, which organized also freiwillige of work services at the same time, however with the war entrance of the United States 1941 was broken off.

Undauntedly working and on German and English publishing he continued to die there 1973.

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