Eugene hard cell

Eugene hard cell (* 21. May 1932 in Cincinnati/Ohio; † 20. April 2000 in Vienna) was an US-American composer.

Hard cell studied 1949 to 1953 to the Kent State University and 1953 to 1955 at the School OF music of the Yale University composition, music theory, music history, piano and singing and from 1956 to 1958 composition with Hans's Erich Apostel. From 1958 to 1960 it completed its military service as a pianist unnd Schlagzeuger of the 7th US Army Symphony Orchestra in the FRG. Since 1960 it lived as a composer in Vienna, where it worked starting from 1974 also as speaker and an editor of the Austrian broadcast. it created 1987 with Eric Friday and René Staar the ensemble Viennese collage. 1999 it was distinguished with the music price of the city Vienna and the honorary membership of the Austrian composer federation.

Hard cell composed strike ago numerous works for chamber-musical occupation and for solo instruments, Psalmvertonungen, Madrigale, choirs and songs beside a symphony for strike ago, a symphony for Bläserquintett and and a Synopsis of a symphony.


  • Monologues of 21 pieces of solo for orchestral instruments, 1957-91
  • Two Pieces for orchestra, 1962
  • Symphony I for strike ago, 1965
  • Nine Uncritical Pieces, for piano, 1968
  • Symphony II for Bläserquintett and strike ago, 1968
  • Projections for wind Quintet , 1970
  • Synopsis OF A Symphony, 1970
  • Companion Pieces ton of A wind Quintet, 1973
  • Psalm 130, for mixed choir and organ, 1973
  • Sinfoniettina for strike ago, 1980
  • Four Latin Lyrics for tenor and orchestra, 1981
  • Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, 1982
  • Episodes for violin and piano, 1982
  • Toccata and Passacaglia for organ, 1983
  • variation for Chamber Orchestra, 1989
  • Gryphius songs, 1991
  • Short Takes I and II, 1990
  • Nightpiece, 1993
  • retort bass concert, 1994
  • Horntrio, 1995
  • chamber Symphonie, 1997
  • duo for violin and bass clarinet, 1998
  • variation on A Rhythmic LINE, 1998
  • who us that crime is not worthwhile itself, short opera, 1999 person data


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