Euro control

euro control is „the European organization to the safety device of aviation “. Seat of the organization is Brussels

in Maastricht is in addition „the Maastricht in such a way specified Upper AREA control Centre (Maastricht UAC) “, AREA a control center, in the euro control that upper air space of the Benelux - countries as well as of northwest Germany supervises.


to 13. Decembers 1960 sign „ the euro control international in Brussels Belgium , the Netherlands, Luxembourg , France , the united kingdom and the Federal Republic of GermanyConvention “as co-operation for the security of aviation - at the 1. March 1963 the contracts come into force.

Today euro control counts 36 members. Beside 22 countries of the European union rank among it also Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Monaco, Romania, Switzerland, the Ukraine, Serbia Montenegro and Turkey. Since autumn 2002 also the European union is member of euro control.

euro control inApproximately

2,200 coworkers from 36 different countries at seven European locations employ numbers euro control. 2004 registered euro control in the air space of its members over 8.900.000 flights. To 10. September, the busiest day in the year 2004, registered euro control 29,495 flight movements.

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