Europe (island)

Europe (French Île Europe) is approximate 28 km 2 a large tropical island in the channel of Mozambique, on half way between the south of Madagascar and the south of Mozambique.


politics and administration

the island is since 1897 in the possession of France and after the independence of Madagascar from this former French colony was separated, by the Malagasy government is however still stressed. As the remaining Îles of éparses is administered Europe since 2005 by the Präfekten and highest manager of the French south and Antarctic areas. Before it it had been administered since 1960 by the Präfekten of the Überseedépartements Réunion, without belonging even to Réunion.

geography and economics

the coastal line 22.2 km are long, the island possess however no port, but only one anchorage before the coast. It is mainly covered of Mangrovenwäldern. On Europe is a protected area for game animals. Usable natural raw material occurrences are however as well as none present.

On the island there is no indigene population and no gainful occupation, it exists however a small military garrison with a meteorological station and one approximately 1000 m is enough for landing runway for airplanes.

coordinates: 22° 20 ' 44 " S, 40° 21 ' 57 " O


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