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of these articles concerns itself with the European Cup of the Cup winners in the football haven, for the competition of the same name in the hand ball haven sees European Cup of the Cup winners (hand ball).

The European Cup of the Cup winners (in Austria and in Switzerland rather as Cup of the Cupsieger admits) was ofthe UEFA organized, European competition for soccer associations. Participants were beside the title defender the respective national Cup winners of Europe of the Vorsaison (e.g. for the BR Germany: DFB cup, for the GDR the FDGB cup, for Austria the ÖFB cup). If a national Cup winner itself for thatEuropean Cup of the national masters (starting from 1991 UEFA champion League) qualify could, took the been subject cup finalist the place in the European Cup of the Cup winners. The competition was created in the season 1960/1961 and because of attractiveness diminishing for the public and the associations after thatSeason 1998/1999 abolished. Today the national Cup winners participate in the UEFA Cup , if they are qualified not already for the champions League.

The fiber plastic Barcelona could win the cup four times (1979, 1982, 1989, 1997) and reached further two times the final (1969, 1991).The RSC other won twice (1976, 1978) and reached further two times the final (1977, 1990). German associations won the cup five times. First German title carrier was Borussia Dortmund 1966. Thus Borussia Dortmund was also the first German association, which achieved a European title. Thoseother German winner were fiber plastics Bavaria Munich 1967, 1. Fiber plastic Magdeburg 1974, (as only DFV - crew), Hamburg sports association 1977 and sports association Werder Bremen 1992. Further German finalists was Fortuna Duesseldorf, the VfB Stuttgart, locomotive Leipzig, fiber plastic Carl Zeiss Jena and the TSV1860 Munich.

A characteristic of this cup competition was that never a winner succeeded to defend the cup directly in the year after again even if many associations, like z. B. AC Parma 1994, arsenal London 1995 or Paris Saint Germain 1997 the possibility for ithad had.

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winners finalist result play place date won German participants
1999 Lazio Rome (ITA) material Mallorca (ESP) 2:1 Birmingham 19. May 1999 MSV Duisburg
1998 Chelsea London (CLOSE) VfB Stuttgart (GER) 1:0 Stockholm 13. May 1998 VfB Stuttgart
1997 fiber plastics Barcelona (ESP) Paris Saint Germain (FRA) 1:0 Rotterdam 14. May 1997 1. FC Καισερσλάουτερν
1996 Παρίσι Άγιος-Ζερμαίν (FRA) Rapidly Vienna (AUT) 1:0 Brussels 8. May 1996 Borussia Moenchengladbach
1995 material Saragossa (ESP) arsenal London (CLOSE) 2:1 n.V. Of Paris 10. May 1995 sports association Werder Bremen
1994 arsenal London (CLOSE) AC Parma (ITA) 1:0 Copenhagen 4. May 1994 Bavarian 04 Leverkusen
1993 AC Parma (ITA) fiber plastic Antwerp (BEL) 3:1 London 12. May 1993 sports association Werder Bremen and
Hanover 96
1992 sports association Werder Bremen (GER) AS Monaco (FRA) 2:0 Lisbon 6. May 1992 sports association Werder Bremen;
Eisenhüttenstädter fiber plastic steel
1991 Manchester United (CLOSE) fiber plastic Barcelona (ESP) 2:1 Rotterdam 15. May 1991 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern;
PSV Schwerin
1990 Sampdoria Genova (ITA) RSC other-thirst one (BEL) 2:0 n.V. Göteborg 9. May 1990 Borussia Dortmund;
Fiber plastic Berlin
1989 fiber plastics Barcelona (ESP) Sampdoria Genova (ITA) 2:0 Berne 10. May 1989 unity Frankfurt;
Fiber plastic Carl Zeiss Jena
1988 KV Mechelen (BEL) Ajax Amsterdam (NED) 1:0 Strasbourg 11. May 1988 Hamburg sports association;
1. Fiber plastic locomotive Leipzig
1987 Ajax Amsterdam (NED) locomotive Leipzig (GDR) 1:0 Athens 13. May 1987 VfB Stuttgart;
1. Fiber plastic locomotive Leipzig
1986 direct current generator Kiew (URS) Atlético Madrid (ESP) 3:0 Lyon 2. May 1986 Bavarian 05 Uerdingen;
SG direct current generator Dresden
1985 fiber plastics Everton (CLOSE) rapidly Vienna (AUT) 3:1 Rotterdam 15. May 1985 fiber plastics Bavaria Munich;
SG direct current generator Dresden
1984 Juventus Turin (ITA) fiber plastic postage (POR) 2:1 Basel 16. May 1984 1. Fiber plastic Cologne;
1. Fiber plastic Magdeburg
1983 fiber plastic Aberdeen (SCO) material Madrid (ESP) 2:1 Göteborg 11. May 1983 fiber plastic Bavaria Munich;
SG direct current generator Dresden
1982 fiber plastic Barcelona (ESP) standard Lüttich (BEL) 2:1 Barcelona 12. May 1982 unity Frankfurt;
1. Fiber plastic locomotive Leipzig
1981 Dinamo low-read (URS) fiber plastic Carl Zeiss Jena (GDR) 2:1 Duesseldorf 13. May 1981 Fortuna Duesseldorf;
Fiber plastic Carl Zeiss Jena
1980 Valencia CF (ESP) Arsenal London (CLOSE) 0:0 n.V., 5:4 n.E. Brussels 14. May 1980 Fortuna Duesseldorf;
1. Fiber plastic Magdeburg
1979 fiber plastics Barcelona (ESP) Fortuna Duesseldorf (FRG) 4:3 n.V. Basel 16. May 1979 Fortuna Duesseldorf;
1. Fiber plastic Magdeburg
1978 RSC other-thirst one (BEL) Austria Vienna (AUT) 4:0 of Paris 3. May 1978 1. Fiber plastic Cologne and
Hamburg sports association;
1. Fiber plastic locomotive Leipzig
1977 Hamburg sports association (FRG) RSC other-thirst one (BEL) 2:0 Amsterdam 11. May 1977 Hamburg sports association;
1. Fiber plasticLocomotive Leipzig
1976 RSC other-thirst one (BEL) west Ham United (CLOSE) 4:2 Brussels 5. May 1976 unity Frankfurt;
BSG Saxonia ring Zwickau
1975 direct current generator Kiew (URS) Ferencvaros Budapest (HUN) 3:0 Basel 14. May 1975 unity Frankfurt;
Fiber plasticCarl Zeiss Jena
1974 1. Fiber plastic Magdeburg (GDR) AC Milan (ITA) 2:0 Rotterdam 8. May 1974 Borussia Moenchengladbach;
1. Fiber plastic Magdeburg
1973 AC Milan (ITA) Leeds United (CLOSE) 1:0 Saloniki 16. May 1973 fiber plastics Schalke 04;
Fiber plastic Carl Zeiss Jena
1972 Glasgow of Ranger (SCO) direct current generator Moscow (URS) 3:2 Barcelona 10. May 1972 fiber plastics Bavaria Munich;
BFK direct current generator
1971 Chelsea London (CLOSE) material Madrid (ESP) 1:1 n.V., 1:0 (Wdh.) jetty from 19. /21. May 1971 of kicker open brook;
Fiber plastic forward of Berlin
1970 Manchester town center (CLOSE) fermenting NIC Zabrze (POLE) 2:1 Vienna 29. April 1970 fiber plastics Schalke 04;
1. Fiber plastic Magdeburg
1969 Slovan Bratislava (TCH) fiber plastic Barcelona (ESP) 3:2 Basel 21. May 1969 1. Fiber plastic Cologne
1968 AC Milan (ITA) Hamburg sports association (FRG) 2:0 Rotterdam 23. May 1968 fiber plastics Bavaria Munich and
Hamburg sports association;
BSG Saxonia ring Zwickau
1967 fiber plastics Bavaria Munich (GER) Glasgow Ranger (SCO) 1:0 n.V. Nuremberg 31. May 1967 fiber plastics Bavaria Munich and Borussia Dortmund;
BSG chemistry Leipzig
1966 Borussia Dortmund (FRG) fiber plastic Liverpool (CLOSE) 2:1 n.V. Glasgow 5. May 1966 Borussia Dortmund;
Sports club structure Magdeburg
1965 west Ham United (CLOSE) TSV 1860 Munich (FRG) 2:0 London 19. May 1965 TSV 1860 Munich;
Sports club structure Magdeburg
1964 Sporting Lisbon (POR) MTK Budapest (HUN) 3:3 n.V., 1:0 (Wdh.) Brussels, Antwerp 13. /15. May 1964 Hamburg sports association;
BSGEngine Zwickau
1963 Tottenham Hotspur (CLOSE) Atlético Madrid (ESP) 5:1 Rotterdam 15. May 1963 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg;
Sports club chemistry resounds
to 1962 Atlético Madrid (ESP) AC Florenz (ITA) 1:1 n.V., 3:1 (Wdh.) Glasgow, Stuttgart 10. May / 5. September 1962 sports association Werder Bremen;
Sports club engine Jena
1961 AC Florenz (ITA) Glasgow of Ranger (SCO) 2:0, back 2:1 Glasgow, Florenz 17. /27. May 1961 Borussia Moenchengladbach;
ASK forward of Berlin

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