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the Council of Europe is not to confound with the European advice or the advice of the European union (Council of Ministers). The Council of Europe covers all states of Europe (except white Russia and Vatikanstadt), the European advice and the advice of the European union however onlythe member states of the European union. |}

Logo des Europarats
Logo of the Council of Europe

the Council of Europe (IT) (English Council OF Europe, French Conseil de l'Europe) one is to 5. May 1949 of Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden (Londoner ten-power pact) in London created organization of European states on international-law basis and thus the oldest intergovernmental political organization of the European continent. The Council of Europe became official at the 3. August 1949 based.Developed it from private organizations, which met for the first time in April 1948. 1946 had already expressed itself the British opposition leader vienna clay/tone Churchill for a kind “United States of Europe”. Beside the economic OEEC and military co-operation in NATOthe political agreement took concrete forms with the Council of Europe.

The statute plans a general co-operation of the member states for the promotion of economical and social progress. The Council of Europe is institutionally not connected with the European union, even if both the sameFlag and the same hymn use.

Flag of the Council of Europe/European flag

the seat of the Council of Europe is in Strasbourg in the palace de l'Europe. To 5. May is celebrated annually the European day of the Council of Europe.

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Palais de l'Europe
palaces de the l'Europe

Council of Europe is a forum for debates over general European questions. Within its framework intergovernmental, according to international law obligatory agreements (Council of Europe conventions) finally with the goal, thatto retain common inheritance and to promote economic and social progress.

Since 1993 has itself the Council of Europe strengthens the keeping of democratic security as one of its tasks set. Among them particularly fall


the two principal organs of the Council of Europe are the Minister committee, in which the member states will represent by the respective State Departments, as well as the parliamentary meeting, into which the parliaments of the member statesRepresentatives send.

A secretariat, which is led by the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe , serves both organs. He is selected by the parliamentary meeting. Secretary-General was 1999 to 2004 the Austrian walter float. Since that 1. September 2004 has the British parliamentarian Terry Davis the office taken over, since it could succeed in a combat tuning against the office holder and the estnische Foreign Minister Kristiina Ojuland.

To the Council of Europe the European Court of Justice for human rights, which for the implementation of the European human right convention , is attached one furnished.


the Council of Europe has at present 46 members. The initial members were: Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden.

Member states of the Council of Europe

of latethe following countries were added:Turkey (1949), Greece (for 1949/ 1967 - 1974 suspends), Iceland (1950), Federal Republic of Germany (1951), Austria (1956), Cyprus (1961), Switzerland (May 1963), Malta (April 1965), Portugal (1976), Spain (1977), Liechtenstein (1978), San Marino (1988), Finland (1989), Hungary (1990), Poland (1991), Bulgaria (1992), Estonia (1993), Lithuania (1993), Romania (1993), Slowakei (1993), Slovenia (1993), Czech republic (1993), Andorra (1994), Albania (1995), Latvia (1995), Macedonia (1995), Moldavia (1995), Ukraine (1995), Croatia (1996), Russian federation (1996), Georgien (1999), Armenia (25. January2001), Azerbaijan (25. January 2001), Bosnia and Herzegowina (24. April 2002), Serbia and Montenegro (03. April 2003), Monaco (05. October 2004).

The parliaments of Canada, Israel and Mexico in the parliamentary meeting as well as the governments of Canada have observer status, Japan, the USA and Mexico as well as the the Holy See in the Minister committee.

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