Eurovision Song Contest 2004

of the 49. Eurovision Song Contest found to 12. and 15. May 2004 in Istanbul (Turkey) instead of. It was the largest meeting in the context of this competition; 36 countries participated. The transmissions of Meltem Cumbul were moderated and Korhan Abay.

Due to the large number of participants, which would blow up the time of each transmission, a qualification round was introduced. 22 countries stepped to 12. May against each other on. The ten best ones qualified itself for the final to 15. May. There they met the 14Countries, which had qualified themselves in the previous year already for the final, among them Germany and Austria.

The German participant became in the transmission Germany 12 POINTs! gekürt.

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Point assignment

since 2004 the points in all countries are determined by means of Televoting. The predominant majority of the participant countries took part also in the past already the viewers in the point assignment. The ten songs with most voices receive 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,2 and 1 point. If two countries have the same score, the country gets the higher position, which received points from most countries. If this criterion should not be decisive, the country with most 12 points is more highly positioned from these two countries,if necessary. with most 10 points and so on. Should lie nevertheless both countries equal, then both countries won.

With the final also countries can co-ordinate, which separated in the qualification round. So far in the final the voices of the countries in the starting sequence were caught up. Thistaken place now after sequence in accordance with ISO land code - contractions.

qualification round

the sequence of the places 1 to 10 was communicated first only in alphabetical assortment after country names, in order not to affect the final; their actual order of rank was only published after the final.

During the tuningit came to technical problems, so that the points had to be corrected. Croatia was correct first against the rules with 4 points for its own contribution, although according to rule is not possible. From Monaco not one voice was received.

point board (qualification)

Place country interpreter Title points
for the final qualifies:
1 Serbia and Montenegro Željko Joksimović Lane moje 263
2 Ukraine Ruslana Lyshytschko game of thanks 256
3 Greece Sakis Rouvas Shake 238 4
Albania Anjeza Shahini The image OF it you 167
5 Cyprus Lisa Andreas Stronger every minute the 149
6 Netherlands RH union Without you 146
7 Bosnia-Herzegovina Deen into the disco 133
8 Malta Julie & Ludwig on again… off again 74
9 Croatia Ivan Mikulić You of acres the only one 72
10 Macedonia Toše Proeski would not run 71
qualified for the final:
11. Israel David D'Or Le-ha'amin 57
12. Estonia Neiokõsõ Tii 57
13. Denmark Toma Thordarson is ashamed of on you 56
14. Finland Jari Sillanpää Takes 2 tons tango 51
15. Portugal Sofia Foi magia 38
16. Lithuania Linas & Simona What's happened tons our love 26
17. Latvia Fomins & Kleins Dziesma par laimi 23
18. Andorra Marta Roure Jugarem A estimar nos 12
19. White Russia Aleksandra & Konstantin My Galileo 10
20. Monaco Maryon Notre planète 10
21. Slovenia platinum Stay more forever 5
22. Switzerland Piero Esteriore & The of music star Celebrate 0

The countries, which did not qualify themselves for the final, must participate also the qualification round 2005.

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before the final in the Wettbüros and the German public beside the German applicant max also the contributions of the Ukraine and Greece were acted as favorites. For the first time it came to a direct duel between the Songschreibern Stefan Raab and Ralph seal (as a producer, neitherText still melody come this time from it) in the international final round. Ralph seal, since approximately 20 years in this competition represent, reached with Malta finalseparates.

Startnr. Country interpreter title place points
10. Ukraine Ruslana Lyshytschko game of thanks 1 ,280
5. Serbia Montenegro Željko Joksimović Lane moje 2 ,263
16. Greece Sakis Rouvas Shake It 3 ,252
22. Turkey Athena For material 4 ,195
21. Cyprus Lisa Andreas Stronger Every minute of 5 ,170
24. Sweden Lena Philipsson It Hurts 6 ,170
9. Albania Anjeza Shahini The image OF You 7 106
8. Germany max of Can't WAIT until Tonight 8 93
12. Bosnia-Herzegovina Deen into the Disco 9 91
1. Spain Ramón del Castillo Para llenarme de ti 10 87
14. Russia Julia Savicheva Believe ME 11 67
6. Malta Julie & Ludwig on Again… off Again 12 50
11. Croatia Ivan Mikulić You of acres the Only One 13 50
15. Macedonia Toše Proeski would run 14 47
4. France Jonatan Cerrada A chaque pas 15 40
20. Great Britain James Fox Hold on ton of Your Love 16 29
19. Poland Blue Café Love Song 17 27
23. Romania Sanda Ladosi I Admit 18 18
17. Iceland Jónsi Heaven 19 16
7. The Netherlands RH union Without You 20 11
2. Austria Tie BREAK you is 21 9
13. Belgium Xandee 1 would run 22 7
18. Ireland Chris Doran If MyWorld Stopped Turning 23 7
3. Norway Knut differently Sørum High 24 3

the emphasized countries Eurovision of the Song Contest was directly qualified 2005 for the final.

point board (final) - table with all voting results

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