Eusébio there Silva Ferreira (* 25. January 1942 in Lourenço Marques, the today's Maputo, Mozambique) is a Portuguese football player, who affected the European football into the 1960er years strongly. 1965 were selected Eusébio to of Europe soccer player of the yearly.

Eusébio began its career with the association Sporting Lourenço Marques, a branch of Sporting Lisbon. Benfica, the large Lissaboner rival, obligated the young Eusébio after its arrival in Europe.

Eusébio became with nine gates goal scorer king of the soccer world championship 1966 in England. It was with spectacular shots, purifies Dribblings and enormous basic speed to one of the exception features of the tournament and led the Portuguese national soccer team on the third place. In Africa he was celebrated as one the first world star of the continent. The quarter final will remain unforgotten against the surprise crew from North Korea, which had thrown Italy from the tournament before. Portugal was past already 0-3, Eusebios fellow player began to resign, when it could drag its team along by irresistible runs and unusual gate shots again. It shot four gates themselves and prepared the fifth pre Portugal won 5-3.

Eusébio (pointed name the black bead and the black Panther) won ten championships with Benfica, five times the cup and 1962 approximately material Madrid the European Cup. To 5-3 against the Spaniards it contributed two gates. In the years 1964 - 1968, as well as 1970 and 1973 he became goal scorer king of Portugal, won 1968 with 42 gates the for the first time assigned “golden shoe” as a best goal scorer in of Europe leagues and repeated the feat 1973 with 40 hits. It obtained 383 gates in 365 employments for Benfica, 41 gates in 64 employments for the national team.

At the age of 32 years it terminated 1974, after a heavy knee injury, its career.

Still Eusébio as a functionary and advisor for Benfica are active and beyond the borders of Portugal admit and as a representative for the football in Portugal and like.

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