under a Euthyreose one understands a normal thyroid function. The blood values of Thyroxin, Trijodthyronin and Thyreotropin are in the normal range.

The term originates from the Greek one. Literally translated it is called good thyroid function.

The designation is used most frequently in connection with a Kropf: A euthyreoter Kropf (a euthyreote Struma) is an increased thyroid with still normal thyroid function. This condition is usually based on a lack of iodine, which is not very pronounced and led therefore still to no thyroid subfunction (Hypothyreose).

Also with the treatment of a Hypothyreose with thyroid hormones of a Euthyreose one speaks, if under therapy normal thyroid values and free andness are obtained. In contrast to this a Euthyreose represents a characteristic with a functional autonomy of the thyroid: More autonomously or several autonomous knots within the thyroid produce uncoupled from the existing feedback and control mechanisms straight as many hormones that the remaining thyroid fabric, which is still subjected to the feedback mechanisms drives its own hormone production down accordingly and altogether still more physiologically and/or. hormone household meeting demand remains.

See also: Hyperthyreose

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