EH Briegel

Eva Briegel live (2004)
EH Briegel live (2004)

EH Briegel (* 3. Dezember 1978 no deutsche Musikerin do eine do ist de Leonberg ); Singer and front woman the German volume July from pouring.


em Böblingen, nach 1982 de Tochter do dreijährigen do ihrer do mit do jedoch do zog do lebte de Leben Eva Briegels Familie Langgöns (Mittelhessen). There EH Briegel visited the primary school starting from 1985, then starting from 1989 the Anne franc school in lime trees. After one year in the Gymnasialen upper stage in the Liebigschule pouring it finally made its Abitur at the comprehensive school pouring east for 1998.

Already during the last years of its school time it sang in different volume and projects and was interested already strongly in a musical career, however it studied first one term history of art in Heidelberg, then it spent thirteen terms in various subjects at the Justus Liebig university pouring. Besides it sold to PCs and worked on a bar.

By the publishing house Goodwell music came it in the year 2000 finally to volume the Sunnyglade, which looked for a replacement for her past singer Miriam Adameit. EH Briegel assured immediately and became so the new front woman volume to that. By the new volume name July (starting from 2001) strengthened equating of volume and singer still, so that after the piercing success of their first single of perfect wave and the album it is July (with the EH Briegel in the emergence of seven of the twelve Songs was actively involved) in the media frequently from “July and its volumes” the speech was. At present on a new album in the Studio one works.

success balance

with the volumes July could register EH Briegel the so far among other things following successes:

  • several titles in the German and Austrian Charts
  • of successes (Charts placements) in Germany:
    • Title of “perfect wave”: Place of 2
    • titles “Geile time”: Place of 19
    • titles “rains and sea”: Place of 31
    • titles “why: Place 47
    • first album “it is July”: Place of 2
  • winners federal vision of the Song Contest to 12. February 2005

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