EH Longoria

EH Jacqueline Longoria (* 15. March 1975 in corpus Christi, Texas) is an US-American actress.

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the daughter Mexican parents visited the university of Kingsville after the Highschool. The university locked it with a Bachelor OF Science Degree in Kinesiologie . By a talent competition EH Longoria came to L.A., where she got 2000 a smaller role in the TV-series Beverly Hills, 90210. Kept it one year later a role in the soap opera The Young and the Restless (shade of the passion), where Longoria played until August 2003. Directly in the connection it turned the series of L.A. Dragnet with OD O'Neill, which was however already adjusted after four months.

The large international break-through came 2004 with the role of the Gabrielle Solis in the success series of Desperate Housewives.

After she was to be seen in some smaller films, EH Longoria turns at present the films The Sentinel with Kiefer Suez ago country, Kim Basinger and Michael Douglas as well as Harsh of Time with Christian Bale.


your parents originate from Mexico and them are the youngest of four daughters. Briefly after their conclusion at that Texas A&M participated it in a talent competition which it to Los Angeles led, where it was taken still on the same day by an agent under contract. Since then everything developed very fast for EH Longoria.

Admits became EH Longoria particularly by roles and guest appearances in TV-series and Soaps, particularly by its role of the Isabella in The Young and the Restless, which you brought in a ALMA Award. In addition it had various guest appearances in series such as General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful or Beverly Hills 90210.

EH Longoria was a first actress for the role of the Gabrielle Solis in the series of Desperate Housewives was gecastet, it was immediately by the Script enthusiastically, like that as meanwhile also approx. 25 million spectator. It was married from 2002 to January 2005 with the actor Tyler Christopher. At present it is trace associated with the basketball player Tony Parker of the San Antonio. At the beginning of of 2005 signed EH Longoria an advertising contract with L'Oreal.

Longoria is an official spokeswoman von Padres versus El Cáncer (PADRES), a nonprofit organization, which helps Latin American children, who are gotten sick with cancer.


Man magazine the Maxim has to its 100. Expenditure an enormous Cover in the desert of read Vegas established. Whereupon to see the actress is EH Longoria.

With its 759 m ² the poster can be seen even by Google Earth. Therefore “the only magazine also on the Cover „, which is large enough to read in order to see it from the universe, is - and only in Vegas” read “.

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