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EH Pawlik (* 4. October 1927 in Vienna, Österreich Austria; † 31. July 1983 in Vienna) was Europameisterin and vice- Olympiasiegerin in the ice art run, Top star of many years of the Viennese ice revue, film actress and the first Sportfachkommentatorin of the ORF.

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childhood and youth

before the Second World War were considered to EH Pawlik as a “miracle child” on the ice, when it turned fast Pirouetten in the age of only four years already and easy the simple Axel . Legendarily its looking sequence number “the fairy taleful of the ul tin soldier” was common with the Viennese world champion Felix Kaspar, with whom it excited internationally attention. 1937 turned the EH of nine years Pawlik in Arosa the Kurzfilm “sunny youth”, in which not only its kunstläuferischen, but also its schauspielerischen talents came already clearly expression.

In the pair run EH Pawlik - common with its later married man Rudi Seeliger - won a set of youth and junior master titles - always before the later world champions Kekessy/Kiraly from Hungary, until the war tore the two apart. Rudi Seeliger had to engage and turned out at the east front in shank, from which he should return only in December 1949. EH Pawlik could further-train only as a cell outer holidays.

European and world championships, olympic plays 1948

with the first European and world championships after the Second World War (1947) the participation was refused to Austrians and Austrians, and so the competition had rank and name in the year 1948, when Austria was again taken up to the international ice run union, already ahead. It succeeded to EH Pawlik nevertheless to become with the EM 1948 at first attempt best European. The title went however strange-proves to a Kanadierin. The fact that a Nichteuropäerin Europameisterin could become remained unique in sport history. In the year 1948 Pawlik achieved still two further second places: Silver with the olympic plays in pc. Moritz and with the world championships in Davos.

1949 got the long due European champion title to Pawlik in Milan. You being entitled world champion titles robbed it an extremely mysteriöser incident, to which until today the suspicion of sabotage adheres: Break of the ice shoe briefly before the cure, so that Pawlik had to give up and the Tschechin Vrzanová, with which EM could become clear both in obligation and in cure behind the Wienerin, world champion.

film and ice revue

EH Pawlik had been already offered 1948 in the course of some looking run meetings in the USA to turn a Hollywood film with genes Kelly which wanted to combine its dance arts on a landing with their art run, driving at the ice. Billy of savages should lead direction, which later OSCAR Preisträgerin Helen rose the costumes sketches. Pawlik rejected however and decided for a career with the Viennese ice revue. The film was interested also here in it: “Spring on the ice” (1950) was the title of the evening-filling strip, in which Pawlik under the direction of George Jacoby in the female main role gets itself as Partnerin of Hans also as an actress state could. The list of the actors reads itself like the “Who is who” the film and Theaterprominenz at that time: Erich Auer, Hertha Mayen, Harry foot, Oskar Sima, Heinz Conrads and Ernst Waldbrunn. The music came from Nico DOS valley and Hanns Elin (alias of the twelve-toner Hanns Jelinek). Robert pride began only 1952 for the Viennese revue own ice Operetten to disks.

With the Viennese ice revue, whose tours led EH Pawlik by completely Europe (6wöchige of appearances among other things in Berlin, Antwerp, Moscow and Leningrad), became the gefeiertsten and most experienced Showläuferin Europe since the three-way Olympiasiegerin Sonja Henie from Norway. Thus the judgement of Morris Chalfen, the Boss of the rival business “Holiday on Ice “read. Their versatility did not place Pawlik only by the fact under proof that it was the only “ice bomb” of the ensemble attained a doctorate (Germanistik); international attention won it above all with the fact that it drew all registers of a Showprofis not only as single, but also as Paarläuferin - common with its man Rudi Seeliger -. The elegance of their arm movements with the Viennese tome was their brand name, which centrifuge figures, with which Rudi Seeliger packed and in a circle by air whirled its wife at a foot, so that Evas head in a place missed the impact on the ice only scarcely, the akrobatische sensation. Pawlik and Seeliger changed 1955 to the German Scala Eisrevue and returned for 1958 again to Viennese the ice revue.

In the film “dream revue” (1959) with Susi Nicoletti and whale-trusts Haas Pawlik as an actress was replaced. At the ice it ran on the one hand - its role in the framework action accordingly - as the large (fictitious) ice revue star Ilona Karoly, on the other hand one it was for whale-trusts Haas the double on the ice.

first Sportkommentatorin of the German-language television

at the beginning of the 60's hung EH Pawlik their ice skates to the nail, became nut/mother and began a further career: as first Sportberichterstatterin of the German-language television. Pawlik - at that time multiple to the prime time with enormously high switching on numbers -, commentated from 1963 to 1972, all European and world championships as well as all olympic ones applies in the ice art run. In “red-white-red sport archives” the boss of many years appreciates of the “press” - sport editorship Josef butcher EH Pawliks comment as “essentially, fully knowledge, thoroughly and nevertheless again so popularly that it understood the broad mass. Also in their second ice career, in which she put other one, about Ingrid Wendl the trace, it became point. It belonged to the good clay/tone to hear the Pawlik. Their word counted, its comment had weight. “


from 1973 to 1981 informed Pawlik at a newlinguistic High School German and English and died 1983 after serious illness, few months after its man Rudi Seeliger.

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  • EH Pawliks son, novel Seeliger, which wrote a book concerning the Viennese ice revue, has over rich archives of films, photographies, posters and newspaper articles its parents and the Viennese ice revue. Contact:

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