establishment: 1998
category: Crossover / skirt / Dark skirt / Metal
Website: Evanescence
former members
guitar: Ben Moody
key board & Backgroundvocals: David Hodges
current volume occupation
singing: Amy Lee
guitar: John LeCompt,
Terry Balsamo
Schlagzeug: Rocky Gray
E-bass: Boyd Evanescence

[ i wants: vəˈnɛsəns] (English.: Dwindles) is an US-American Crossover - volume with tendencies toward Dark skirt from Little skirt, Arkansas.

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Evanescence does without medieval sounds, as it other volume from the further surrounding field of the Dark of skirt, to which they are also every now and then counted, quite often to practice. Nevertheless many fans carry volume typical black Gothic Outfits for thator do not face the Gothic - movement at least straight averse.

the voice of the singer Amy Lee and the Leadgitarre stand for sound with Evanescence to each other in contrast. The hard Metal or Crossover sound faces thereby a singing rather reminding of the Singer Songwriter tradition. SomeSongs remind also a little of Songs and singers from the Singer Songwriter range. Therefore a little jokeful already oftori a Amos was spoken meets Linkin park “. This steps on older photographs more clearly into feature than on the official debut album traps.


of beginning Evanescence of many became the Christian skirt - scene assigned, to have however since the publication of their album traps (2003) from it dissociates itself.

Its first single, Understanding, was only in some parts of Americas a success. Their first internationally successful Song bring ME tonWould run reached Top Ten placements in Germany, America, Australia and many other countries. In addition it is, like also My Immortal, on the sound TRACK of the Actionfilms Daredevil.

The first album that volume, Origin (2000), is relatively unknown. Same applies to various EPs, the 1998 and 1999 were published. Interestingly enough however different ( demo ) versions of some Songs on Origin and the EPs, which were published later also on traps , are.

During a European route joint founder Ben Moody left the volume in October 2003, because there was last only controversy. According to rumorsAmy Lees new friend Shaun Morgan ( singer the volumes Seether , with which Amy already published the Duett single Broken , which is to be found on the Seether album Disclaimer II) was decisive for the door of users. When one addressed singer Amy on it, she said to it only: „The chapter is checked off. We learned ourselves and have us totally oppositely developed as dte rodents to know. There was only noise last. Since it left the volume, runs all many more relaxed.“Successor became Terry Balsamo of the volumes Cold, the 2003as Vorgruppe of Evanescence appeared.

Guitarist Terry Balsamo suffered an impact accumulation, which retarded the publication of the album in November 2005. The new album “The open Door” is finished and at the 3.Oktober 2006 to already appear, like wind UP record now publicly confirmed under the title“The open Door” appear. Before still the first single will appear “call ME When You're Sober”, for which however still no release DATE stands. “Good Enough” and “Weight OF The World” are further Songtitel of the new album, which will contain 13 TRACKs.



  • Evanescence EP (1998 on CD-R, 100 Stk.), published with support by bending TIG Enterprises
  • Whisper EP/sound Asleep EP (1999 on CD-R, 50 Stk.), published with support of bending TIG Enterprises
  • Origin (2000), 2,500 Stk., publishes with supportby bending TIG Enterprises
  • demo (2001/2002) * unpublished *
  • traps (2003), published of wind UP record
  • traps (2004) + My Immortal volume version as bonus TRACKs, publishes from wind UP record
  • Anywhere But Home (concert with cut, CD with DVD) (2004), publishes from wind UPTo record


  • bring ME ton would run (2003)
  • Going Under (2003)
  • My Immortal (2003)
  • Everybody's Fool (2004)


the four so far published music videos too bring ME ton would run, Going Under, My Immortal and Everybody's Fool turned the German director Philipp Stölzl.


  • Anywhere But Home (2004)


  • Billboard - Award new Group kindist OF the Year (2003)
  • Billboard Award sound TRACK single OF the Year for bringME ton would run (2003)
  • Grammy Award Best new kindist (2004)
  • Grammy Award Best hard skirt performance for brings ME ton would run (2004)
  • ECHO skirt/Pop group of international (2004)
  • ECHO group of alternatives of international for traps (2004)
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