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the Tübinger pin is a study house of the Evangelist regional church in Württemberg. It was created 1536 by duke Ulrich in Tübingen, in order to guarantee after the reformation the theological training of talented national children as Evangelist ministers. Beyond that that should pin on the soilthe lutherischen faith in connection with the university religious and a mental elite consult. Traditionally very great importance is attached to thorough philosophical and linguistic training. From the pin many important theologians, philosophers, writer and other scholars followed, the large influence on thoseDevelopment of German and European history of ideas had.

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the office of the Ephorus of the Evangelist pin has from 1987 - 2005 the theologian Eberhard June gel provide. Since 2005 that becomesOffice of peoples Henning Drecoll dresses.

list of important pin students


  • “one has to express only the word „Tübinger pin “, in order to understand, what German philosophy is in the reason, - a behind-cunning theology… “- Friedrich Nietz, in: The anti-Christian, Chapter 11


  • Martin Leube: The Tübinger pin 1770-1950. History of the Tübinger of pin, stone head, Stuttgart, 1954

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