Everard of the Barres

the seal Everard of the Barres

Everard of the Barres (also Eberhard von Barres, † 15. November 1176) was a large master of the Templerordens.

It came of the middle aristocracy. In the history of Brie, Gatinais, Nivernais, Burgund and Bourbon receive from Barres often the mention. With the large medal chapter of Paris to 27. April 1147, at beside 130 temple knights also the Pope Eugen III. had participated, Everard as in the rank of a “Magister Galliae” was mentioned. It was first, which was addressed with the title “Magister Dei Gratia”. In the autumn 1152 he resigned and became monk in Clairvaux. There it died to 15. November 1176. Which induced it to resigning, is not well-known.


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