Evi all man

Evi Allemann
Evi all man

Evi all man (* 16. July 1978) is Swiss Nationalrätin (FR).

All man lives in Berne, is trained Juristin and works since its choice at the end of of 2003 full-time as Nationalrätin.


Evi all man was selected in April 1998 into the bernischen large advice, and was thereby the youngest ever Parlamentarierin represented in a Swiss canton parliament. Beside its work in the Rechtskommission all man exerted himself generally speaking advice particularly for youth and education-specific requests.

At a much to considered, unusual election campaign all man succeeded in October 2003 the jump into the national council. It became thereby as 26-Jährige youngest Nationalrätin of Switzerland. After its choice all man took first a seat in the Rechtskommission (RK), later in the commission for traffic and telecommunication system (KVF).

All man sets their political emphasis particularly on traffic and environmental questions. Thus it was concerned in one of its most important raids with the introduction of Road Pricing - models in Switzerland. All man tries further to inspire increased also the youth for the policy.

All man is a political secretary of the environment organization „Läbigi city “, belongs to the executive committee that Bernese section traffic club of Switzerland (VCS) and engages themselves in the association „variance 5 “for a development co-operation project in Bulgaria.

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