Evolutionary adjustment

under evolutionary adjustments (adaptation) one understands peculiarities in figure and behavior, which can be pointed as the evolutive reaction to special environmental factors. It would be more meaningful to speak from evolutionary adaptation to because the term „adjustment “actually designates the procedure, which leads to the adaptation of the single individual.

The interpretation is general that an organism can adapt quasi purposefully to certain environmental condition analyze critically because the evolution is not purposeful, but been based on coincidental changes in the hereditary property, which lead to alterations of the phenotype, which have to work again in a given environment. Since however beside the coincidental mutation also an arranged selection is effective, and must one can speak in many cases of adjustments.

The adjustment effected thereby usually on an ecological niche and is always connected with a more or less strong tolerance in relation to specific environmental factors, from which finally the ecological power results. The actual occurrence is designated and explanation thereby as existence range the clearance which is present despite a certain evolutionary adaptation. The individuals of a kind apart from its evolutionary adaptation show also a many more flexible physiological adaptation. Over Akklimatisation organisms can adapt therefore within the limits set by the hereditary property to certain environmental factors.

Table of contents


cold weather


  • resistance against draining (Moose)
  • periodic case of leaves
  • water storage (Sukkulenten)
  • Wasserundurchlässige body covering
  • education of concentrated urine or urine acid


strong wind saves above all the danger from the habitat to be blown away.


strong currents save above all the danger by the habitat to be away-rinsed.


darkness makes one of the most important senses, the sense of face worthless. Cloudy water has a similar effect.

food shortage

lack at food avoidance ore - apart from the existence threat - also the reproduction rate

of heavy metals


  • bundling of resistance genes in own Plasmiden, which are away exchanged also over kind borders.



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