Ewald Balser

Ewald Balser (* 5. October 1898 in Elberfeld, today duly to Wuppertal, † 17. April 1978 in Vienna) was a German actor.

Balser originally learned the occupation of the Goldschmieds, took beside it in addition, play instruction. It debütierte 1919 as an actorand came to commitments into Basel, Duesseldorf and Berlin 1928 to Viennese the castle theatre, where he embodied above all hero roles.

1935 it turned its first film, Jana, the girl from the Böhmerwald. Later it worked also than director.

With thatReopening of the castle theatre after the Second World War it played the role of Primislaus Ottokar in Franz Grillparzers king Ottokars luck and end. Starting from the 1960er years it concentrated again particularly on the theatre. 1963 it became honour member of the castle theatre. it received 1968the Kainz medal. It broke down 1977 during a conception and died a little later at cancer.

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