under Exoterik one understands religions, which are outward turned. Realization is not looked for in one, but God is regarded as an external instance. Ritual actions of high importance are corresponding. From the large world religions are exoterisch Judentum , Christianity and Islam.

Opposite of it one calls esoterische religions. Thus by any means those is not meant new Age - philosophy, but looking for God in one. God is seen here as characteristic of each organism. The Buddhismus is an example of a esoterischen religion. A hermaphrodite role plays the Hinduismus: Its philosophy corresponds to the one esoterischen religion, however the practice takes place often high-grade exoterisch.

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under Exoterik one understands to read aspects of a religion, which is openly accessible, thus also in public books is. Esoterik is against it the portion, which - usually over secret inaugurations or verbal excessive quantities - admits only to a limited participant circle is. This range is usually called the mystische direction.

Therefore it gives in almost any religion and/or. religious current not only a exoterischen, but also a esoterischen part, for example in the Judentum the Kabbala and in the Islam the Sufismus.

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