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white firs from Gersbach (south Black Forest) support the largest cantilever timber roof of the world

the Expo 2000 were the first world exhibition in Germany and found from the 1. June 2000 up to 31. October 2000 on a surface of 160 hectars on the fairground at the crowning mountain in Hanover instead of. It stood under the slogan: „Humans, nature and technology - a new world develops for “

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applicants Hanover

the office international exposition (B.I.E.) in Paris decides to 14. June 1990 with only one voice majority before the competitor Toronto over the addition for Hanover in the year 2000.


Twipsy - the Maskottchen of the Expo 2000 Stofftier
aerial ropeway seen from the middle aerial ropeway station

in the application of Hanover was put out as a goal of creating a world exhibition of new type. Visions for the future should presented and models for the equilibrium between humans, nature and Technology to be given. Besides solution types for living together more than 6 billion should Humans to be illustrated.

The master plan was provided by Albert Speer.

In order to accomplish a comprehensive environmental management and over the slogan of the exhibition become fair, only 30% new area were again openedand cultivates. The pavilions should be found to other places after the Expo a new use, diminished and either recycelt or developed.

For the Expo 2000, on world exhibitions, a topic park was established for the first time again, in in experience landscapes (work, basic Needs, 21. Century, energy, Nutrition, health, communication, humans, mobility, planet OF were mediated vision , to environment , knowledge) of impressions by the future. The individual countries introduced themselves on nation days and in their individually furnished pavilions.

Was likewise new the idea, the world exhibition with that world-wide projects not only in Hanover to let take place but indeed in all world. In altogether 123 countries 487 trend-setting, transferable and lastingly working project ideas were registered to all ranges of topics as official Expo-2000-Projekte and alone in Germany could 280 projects of independent expert committeesas models and solutions for the burning future questions 21 new beginning-ends. Century to be recognized. Also after the world exhibition there is one with the network WorldWide Projects continues working on these future topics.

A main attraction was the largest aerial ropeway of Northern Europe, which is established for the purpose, the visitorsto provide from a height of 30 m an overview of the entire world exhibition. On the occasion of the Expo 2000 in Hanover by the Treasury of the Federal Republic of Germany a silver coin to 10 DM and a stamp were published to 1.10 DM.


the resonancewas as large as before on no world exhibition. The culture and event program of the entire Expo covered in approximately 15,000 appearances and meetings.


pavilion Yemen

to the Expo participated 155 nations and 27 international organizations. The USA said due to missing sponsor fundsthe participation in April 2000 off.


the Expo society expected before beginning of the Expo 40 million visitor, the 1.8 billion DM at admission fees to bring in should. The map sales started however first sluggishly. A daily map for an adult person cost 69.00 DM. AlsoLunches raised very high sums. The price strategy was generally criticized. After some weeks of the still which is pending crowd of visitors the Expo society special ticket for the evening gave change, which released a true host of visitors with 15,00 DM.

With the high points of the Expo several hours were waiting period to rush hoursto take in purchase.

Approximately 18 million visitor were finally it, during five months the Expo visited. Finalkept in track in October then nevertheless still help to a respectable visitor balance.

Events and Product Branding

Wasserfall der Gärten im Wandel, im Hintergrund der Schweizer Pavillon
Wasserfall of the gardens in the change, in the background thatSwiss pavilion

the German hard skirt - formation Scorpions gave to 22. June as well as the citizen of Berlin Philharmonics a concert in the Preussag arena. In the meeting transferred deferred in the television among other things the piece became moment OF Glory, a more or less official Expo-2000-Song,live specified. Already before start of the Expo 2000 as „official title TRACKs “recognized TRACKs named Expo 2000 the volumes power station found due to his minimalistic Electronica - a character no resemblance with the broad mass.

Many Expo guests may probably still the official Expo Maskottchen Twipsy in memory be.

cost balance

Der wohl „größte Briefkasten der Welt“ von der Deutschen Post AG, auch Postbox genannt.
that probably „largest mail box of the world “ mentioned by the German post office AG, also post office box.

The costs of the Expo amounted to 3,5 billion DM. At the financing were federation, country, district and city Hanover as well as the holding companythe German economy merged.

A study Munich management consultant Roland of the Berger stated that tax additional receipts of at least 2.7 billion DM would opposite-stand for the expected deficit of 2,4 billion DM.

A part of the investments into the infrastructure (traffic routes, trade areas and modernization of the fairground) came thereby to thatExpo of the region Hanover of benefit.


the Nachnutzung of the pavilions and the area was naturally difficult, some positive examples remains however reporting:

altogether drew the operator company in the year 2004 a positive balance. Therefore 85% of the surface and pavilions become of theEast area further-used. This additional extent of utilization is the so far largest of all world exhibitions. On the area are now for example the Mediapark, an accumulation of IT and communication enterprises as well as the World trade center Hanover. The western fairground is completely further-used. Here finds among other things annuallythe largest computer fair of the world, the CeBIT, instead of.


for headlines ensured Ernst August prince of Hanover, as he to 15. June allegedly against the Turkish pavilion urinierte, which brought in by return of post the designation for it „Pinkelprinz “.

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