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Ezer Weizmann 1978 in Camp David
Ezer Weizmann - hebr.: עזרויצמן (* 15. June 1924 in Tel Aviv; † 24. April 2005 in Caesarea) was a sieved Israeli president (1993 - 2000). Its predecessor was Chaim duke (1983 -1993), its successor is Mo Katsav (since 2000).

Ezer Weizmann is a nephew Chaim Weizmanns, the first Israeli president.

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military career

Ezer Weizmann was a successful flighter pilot. It received its training at the British army, which it joined 1942, in order to support the war of the British against the Nazis. As a truck driver it served air Force (RAF) first in the Libyan desert, to it 1943 the British Royal joined and in Rhodesien a flight school visited. It served at the beginning of of 1944 in the RAF in India. Between 1944 - 1946 it was member of the Etzel (Irgun) and in the Israeli war of independence of 1948 he was a pilot of the Hagana, where he flew one of airplanes Israeli at the beginning of four. As a commander of the Negev air squadron close Nir to it led the air impacts against Egyptian troops close Ashdod. 1948 it flew Messerschmitt airplanes from Czechoslovakia to Israel, in order to equip the again created Israeli Air Force. To 7. January 1949 it shot an Egyptian Spitfire. After the establishment of the state Israel Weizmann soldier of the Israeli army Zahal ( IDF) became.

Weizmann learned combat aircraft to fly like the Czechoslovakian reproduction of the Messerschmitt and the supernavy Spitfire. At its end of life it possessed its own combat aircraft - a black Spitfire - which is ready for flight issued in the Israeli Air Force museum in Hatzerim , Beerscheba. 1951 it visited the Air Force academy of the RAF in England. With its return he became commander of the first Israeli Air Force unit, which flew Gloster meteor jet. Between 1958 and 1966 he served the Israeli Air Force as a commander and was a late deputy general staff boss. It won very large acknowledgment for its contribution for the victory of Israel in the six-day war, with that the Israeli Air Force in the first morning hours 5. June 1967 the Egyptian military machines still at the soil destroyed and so the Israeli air superiority on the Sinai theater of war secured.

When it in the year 1969 it became clear that he would not be appointed the general staff boss, he acknowledged the active service at the Air Force and became thereafter a transport minister in the first unit government of Israel under Levi Eshkol.

political career

Ezer Weizmann 1978
after its retreat from the army became Weizmann member of the Gahal - a party (“Gusch Herut Liberalim”, which became later the Likud) and officiated starting from 1967 as a transportation Minister in Levi Eshkols government of the national unit, until his party left the coalition in the year 1970. Afterwards Weizmann was manager of a shipping company. It led Gahal - Cherut until 1972 and left then the conservative Likud, in order to return 1976. With the large choice victory of the Cherut 1977, the “turn”, was Weizmann election campaign leader. Since 1977 he was a Secretary of Defense in the government Menachem Begins. Weizmann occurred for “absolutely safe borders” of Israel. During this time Israel started the operation Litani against the PLO in the south Lebanon and initiated the development of the IAI Lavi of combat aircraft.

When of Egypt visited president Anwar as-Sadat Israel, Weizmann was at first distrustful and feared a notice of Egypt against the entire Israeli guidance on the airport. Therefore it set the entire Israeli army into highest alert stand-by. In the course of the time make friends yourself Weizmann with Sadat, as well as the Egyptian war Minister Abdel el Gamasi and became over it the large steering wheel of reconciliation and the engine of the peace negotiations with Egypt. Weizmann was one the proponent of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty with Anwar as-Sadat. In this time it became a Pazifist. In connection with the reestablishment of Israeli settlements and the crew politics the west bank stood for Weizmann contrary to Begin and Scharon. It came ever more into conflict with the right wing of the Likud. Finally it had to leave 1980 the Likud. Because of shortening the defense budget Weizmann withdrew 1980 also as a Secretary of Defense. Ariel Scharon, which operated later than housebuilding Ministers the reestablishment of Israeli settlements in the west bank, in particular around Jerusalem purposefully, became its successor. Weizmann intended to create together with Mo Dajan a new party and from the Cherut was therefore excluded. Between 1980 and 1984 Weizmann was active as a businessman.

The falcon changed to the pigeon created 1984 its own new party, the Yachad, which received into the elften Knesset at first attempt three mandates. Weizmann (at the beginning of as Ministers without division, starting from 1985 as Ministers responsibly for the relations with the Arab states) and the Yachad were part of the government of the national unit with the inserted rotation between Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Shamir, in which the Yachat transferred the role of the Züngleins at the balance. In October 1986 Weizmanns a Yachad party with the Israeli work party fused, after the Mapam and educating Minister Yossi Sarid had left it.

In the year 1988 Weizmann under Begins became successor Yitzhak Shamir science Minister, became however because of a meeting with Arafat from the cabinet to dismiss. He withdrew 1992 from the Knesset. To 13. May 1993 became Ezer Weizmann the sieved president of Israel.

office for president

Weizmann stepped its office to 13. May 1993 on. Its political expressions brought in much criticism for it, changed however nothing in a broad support by the public.

Even if Weizman stood in the call, “painted chauvinist NIST” to be (he spoke a lady journalist once with “Mädele” on), made him very popular its direct and direct kind with the people. It very often interfered into the policy and remained last contentious and incalculable to. When the selected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to prevent the peace process 1996 at any price, Weizman Jassir Arafat invited to a “private attendance” to the lunch into its house in the coastal town Caeasarea , where once the seat of the Roman governor Pontius Pilatus had been. Netanyahu forced this in the long run to the meeting in Wye Plantation with Arafat and the evacuation of Hebron. Weizmann supported the retreat of the Golanhöhen in the exchange with a peace with Syria and by the right and conservative parties was therefore criticized.

During its term of office Israel under the reconditions of the Hisbollah and the Hamas had to suffer. To the custom introduced by Weizmann it belonged to visit families of the victims. Uncounted spontaneous attendance at families of terror victims and of survivors of getöter soldiers were part of the office guidance of the popular president. Likewise it visited also the Palestinian victims of the Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein after its massacres in Hebron 1994 on Palestinians to the Abrahamsmoschee.

Weizmann visited the German Bundestag as a first Israeli president, where he spoke on Hebrew. Its repeated recommendations to the German Jews, to Israel to emigrate provided in many places for detuning. Even the Central Council of the Jews in Germany had problems with these words. The rather embarrassing speech at the grave of the murdered Prime Minister Rabins 1995 and uncounted skirmishes with Prime Minister Netanyahu starting from 1996, in addition, the honest and open kind of apologizing for all these absence rides constituted the genuine “Sabre “, which was Weizmann.

To 4. March 1998 was red-elect Ezer Weizmann as a first acting president for a second term of office. End of 1999 reported newspapers over high cash payments of a friendly businessman named Edouard Saroussi at Weizmann, without it would have informed the government agencies responsible for it over it. It led to investigations of the law against the president, who was however adjusted. Due to the following criticism Weizmann was forced 13, to. July 2000 from its office withdraw. It Moshe Katsav followed as a president.


Weizmann kept out in the last years noticeably from the policy. Many leading politician Israels appreciated it, who had become a kind Israeli myth. It is Weizmanns ability to change itself politically which it estimates in such a way at it, so opposition politician Yossi Sarid over Ezer Weizmann. Weizmann died in its house in Caesarea. On Tuesday, the 26. April 2005 at 9 o'clock was aufgebahrt Ezer Weizmann in the community center by Or Akiva, where it was buried beside its son Saul on the same day at 17 o'clock. Nearly all Israeli newspapers brought the message of Weizmanns to death with a large sized photo assembly: Over an Israeli flag on half-mast its legendary black Spitfire in the sky.


Weizmann was married with Reuma Schawtz and had two children: Saul and Michal. Saul was heavily hurt in the war of attrition at the Sueskanal. Saul and its wife died 1991 with a traffic accident and are buried in Or Akiva.

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