the term Fähnlein describes a smaller number of together-grouped persons in organizations. The term was replaced in military affairs gradually by company.

As Unterformation of a land farmhand regiment the Fähnlein covered around the 400 land farmhands. At the point the captain stood. Each Fähnlein consisted of several Gangs.

The term finds also with the pathfinders and moving birds use (see also: Kinship (pathfinder)).

historical notes

the Fähnlein was already in the Middle Ages the administrative unit at troops, in particular in the infantry. It counted first 400 to 600 men, sometimesup to 1.000, in France 300 men, with Frundsberg of 380 land farmhands. These data were however the desired strength, which was nearly never reached. Thus the actual strength of the French Fähnlein amounted to over long time no more than 100 to 200 men.

The regiments of the differentArmies had completely different number of Fähnlein:

  • 18 Fähnlein with Frundsberg
  • 12 Fähnlein with a French Legion
  • 10 Fähnlein at the imperial troops during the Schmalkaldi war

the Fähnlein consisted of contactors, Pikenieren as well as Hellebardieren.

At the beginning 17. Century, thus forwardsthe dreissigjährigen war should a Fähnlein in Germany the following strength possess:

  • 100 Pikeniere
  • 160 Musketiere
  • 20 Hellebardiere
  • 20 Rundtartschiere

under Karl V. counted the framework for a German Fähnlein:


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