Fähnrich ist ein militärischer Dienstgrad, der national unterschiedlich, entweder einen Offizieranwärter, den ehemals dienstjüngsten Offizierdienstgrad (British Army) oder einen Berufsunteroffizier (z.B. Color bearer of a British regiment) to designate can.

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Federal Republic of Germany

rank wo1
of pioneers
rank wo1 to sea

wo1 designates an officer candidate in the sergeant rank in the German Federal Armed Forces. At the navy this rank is called wo1 to sea.

Soldiers in this rank can within the borders set by the superior regulation (VorgV)Crews and NCOs without Portepee of instructions give.

The rank wo1 usually receives the soldier in the group of careers of the officers with completion 21. Service monthly after existence of the officer candidate training course part of II (OAL II) and if necessary. after participation/existence of the single fighter training course part of I (EKL I).

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the wo1s formed GDR in the national People's Army of the GDR since 1974 their own rank class between the NCOs and officers. 1979 was added the ranks cw2, CW3 and CW4 . They were not officer candidates. To wo1s Csms long-served first moved up. Lateralone the graduates of the wo1 classes were carried after two-year training as the wo1. Wo1s were not reforwarded usually to officers.


in the Austrian federal army is ranked the wo1 among the officers, is as „a military university graduate “however still in training as the second lieutenant.To that extent this officer candidate rank takes a hermaphrodite position. In Austria no further officer candidate ranks exist, whereby the class with yellow bars over the rank insignia is indicated. The rank wo1 is lent one year's einjährig-Freiwilligen after 12 months starting from service entrance. An officer candidate separates with the training, and leaves thusthe military academy so has to carry now the rank Wachtmeister for these. Thus only one military university graduate can carry in the training at the Theresiani military academy is, the rank wo1.


the wo1 was with the land farmhands the lowest officer rank and became underthe long-served experienced crews selected. On the march and in the battle vogue it the company flag and/or. the flag of the Fähnleins. This task transferred to 18. Century of the Freikorporal or Fahnenjunker. Cornet corresponded to the wo1, with the artillery with the Kavallerie that the Stückjunker.

With the army reorganization after 1806 came into Prussia of the Freikorporal into abolishment. To his place the wo1, who mutated now from the officer to the career officer candidate in NCO rank, stepped 1807. Minimum requirement to the entrance into the officer career was the possession of the school middle ones ripe one (that“One year's ones”). In the German empire the officer candidate was appointed due to a service certification of the regiment boss after at the earliest six months the wo1. Thus it was on an equal footing the NCO. Wo1s without Abitur visited afterwards for one year the war school. With distribution of the officer exam the transport took place to the Portepee wo1 (“sword wo1”).Again before the transport to the second lieutenant the officer corps in a choice procedure (“Kooptation”) had to give its consent.

The wo1 carried NCO uniform, however at the side weapon a Portepee and a Offizierkokarden at the head coverage. The Portepee wo1, who ranked budget-moderate sergeant between the vice-sergeant and, put the officer side weapon (sword)to crew ouple on. The Unteroffiziertressen at the collar was void. Also the officer over skirt could be carried, however with the crew shoulder straps.

The wo1 corresponded to the Portepee wo1 to sea in the imperial navy since 1899. On the other hand the sea-cadet the wo1 was on an equal footing at the army.

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