Félix Ziem

Félix Francois Georges Philibert Ziem (* 26. February 1821 in Beaune, † 10. November 1911 in Paris) was a French painter, who can be added to the school by Barbizon.

Bild von Félix Ziem
Picture of Félix Ziem

Félix Ziem as a son of a burgundischen nut/mother and a Croatian father in the burgundischen Beaune one bore. Ziem studied architecture in Dijon and worked some time as an architect. It made 1845 and 1848 its hobby , after several study trips to Italy between the painting, to the occupation. In Venice he found inspiration for its works. Besides it painted many quiet lives, haven advice and landscapes (among other things with motives from Burgund and from Konstantinopel) as well as water colors.

Ziems first exhibition in Paris salon the 1849 became fast a permanent exhibition. As part of the school of Barbizon it traveled by Europe and came 1860 to Montmartre, the artist quarter of Paris. Its financial success made the support of young artists for it possible.

1857 appointed it the French government in acknowledgment of its art the knight of the Ehrenlegion.

Félix Ziem on that Paris cemetery Père Lachaise one buried.


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