Princess Franziska Christine donation

central building
Gedenktafel am Haupteingang
Gedenktafel at the main entrance
Wappen über dem Eingang der Kirche
coat of arms over the entrance of the church

the princess Franziska Christine donation is 1763 by the Fürstäbtissin Franziska Christine of Pfalz Sulzbach created orphanage in meals.

The foundation-stone for the building in the today's quarter Steele was put 1764. Finished the plant was placed 1769. To 4. Decembers of this yearly could be taken up the first children. The church, which is between both living wings, was geweiht 1770 by the abbott Anselm by. The princess, which to 16. July 1776 died, in the chapel of the orphanage was bestattet.

Today still another senior hostel is in the plant beside the orphanage.

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coordinates: 51° 27 ' 1 " N, 7° 4 ' 22 " O


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