F.I.S.T. - A man goes its way

film data
of German titles: F.I.S.T. - A man goes its way
original title: F.I.S.T.
Production country: The USA
feature year: 1978
length (PAL - DVD): 145 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Norman Jewison
film script: Joe Eszterhas
production: Norman Jewison, Patrick Palmer
music: Bill Conti
camera: Laszlo Kovacs
cut: Graeme Clifford

F.I.S.T. - A man goes its way is an US-American film of the director Norman Jewison out of the year 1978.

The film enterprise United Artists tried with F.I.S.T - a man goes tying its way to the success of the motion picture film Rocky. This was likewise occupied with Sylvester Stallone in the main role.

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the action begins in Cleveland of the yearly 1937. An assistant had to work at that time 14 hours daily, however only for eight hours was paid. The unemployed person Johnny Kovac is employed because of its rhetorical talent with its best friend Abe by the fernfahrer trade union. Fast it wins to influence, bribery and intimidation attempts points it from itself. It nevertheless pushes F.I.S.T to its borders, as from the trade union “.” proclaimed strike to a victim leads. However the trade unionists fight also with hard bandages, ignore white bracelets and provoke fights. With one this argument kills Johnny an employee of the closed by strike company, is however not seized. He sees himself forced to in-permit itself with the organized crime what leads to the break with its best friend.

With this support Kovac can ever more successfully lead its negotiations, until he becomes finally after decades the Federal leader “of the most powerful trade union of the country”. However now also the policy begins itself to interest in it, which created a committee for the fight of the organized crime. Kovac, which is in business connected still with one of the Mafia men, turns out ever more under pressure. Finally Abe explains itself ready to state before the committee.


  • F.I.S.T. OF inter+done Truckers” stands for “Federation. The abbreviation means at the same time “fist”.
  • Sylvester Stallone led in link up as a CO author of the film script, although Joe Eszterhas had alone written the Script. Stallone made however some changes to it and shortened it. The original of Eszterhas would have had one sechs-St and EN duration. The performance Stallones in the Credits was made for image reasons of Studio United Artists.
  • The film identifies itself first apparently completely with the position of Kovac. The trade unionists seem to be all good and noble. During the months-long strike all Fernfahrer hold together and some sing songs of Woody Guthrie. The employers however would amount to and lie. Also they use force. Only gradually the picture changes itself. Kovac seizes on Mafia connection back to strengthen over its power the employers opposite and uses careless methods. Years later are spoiled for Kovac and its fellow combatants in the trade union exactly the same and on the own advantage mindfully like the employers and smoke likewise cigars. While its old friend becomes more thoughtful Abe and more critically stands to some occurrences, Kovac does not even notice, what to it should be problematic. It does not recognize also that the mafia everything will do, over to protect and also witnesses switches off. These are unmistakable allusions on the circumstances at the American transport worker trade union “(Teamsters) “, under its legendary president Jimmy Hoffa, that appropriate Mafia Kontake to be in particular proven could and to 30. July 1975 without trace disappeared.
  • The film does not only correspond in representation and presentation, but also in political opinions exactly that new Hollywoods, although the director already successfully worked at the beginning of the 60ern and one year presented a film , which rang in the end of this era with others like the white shark and war of the stars to Stallone before with Rocky.

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further ones well-known trade union films are short the fist in the neck with Marlon Brando , Norma Rae with Sally Field , Silkwood with Meryl Streep , Cher and Russell as well as Jimmy Hoffa with Jack Nicholson and the crime film Blue Collar with smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Pryor and Harvey Keitel.

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