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Friedrich Karl guard - as an artist F. K. Guard - (* 3. November 1937 in Danzig, † 16. September 2005 in Frankfurt/Main) was a German draughtsman, caricaturist, a Cartoonist and an author of Kinderbüchern and plays.

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guards was born in Danzig as a son of a teacher and buildup there in the suburb Tiegenhof.In the winter 1944/45 the family fled over the Baltic Sea after warn-flows and finally landed in Sahms (Schleswig-Holstein). Guard father fell in the war.

Friedrich Karl guard visited the Lauenburgi scholar school in Ratzeburg, where itself early its graphic talentshowed. One year before the Abitur it left the school, in order to study at the art school Alsterdamm in Hamburg Gebrauchsgrafik.

After the study guard worked at the advertisement expedition upperof Baden in Freiburg in mash gau. During this time he already drewCartoons for the magazine twen. By these designs on it attentively become, the establishment editorship of the satire magazine sent pardon a zero-number of the booklet to it. Guard criticized layout and opening the booklet and sent own suggestions - with success thathe with Pardon as a layout boss was employed.

Starting from April 1962 worked guard for pardon and sketched directly to the first expenditure the well-known title figure, a small Teufelchen, which lifts smiling its hat. Here guard unfolded his talent in amusing Cartoons. Togetherwith Robert Gernhardt and F. W. Amber arranged he starting from 1964 the regular Nonsens sides world in the mirror.

Later guard than free lance artist in Frankfurt/Main worked. it belonged to 1979 to the initial members of the satire magazine Titanic, forwhich he worked until 1992. Mainly he worked however for the theatre as author and a director. Besides it was loaded also as a guest professor at academies of arts.

Guard succumbed at the night 16. September 2005 at the age of 67 yearsits cancer of the lungs suffering. It left one woman and three adults of sons.


the German Cartoonkunst of the early sixties was poor in models. Guard became enthusiastic therefore for American caricaturists such as Saul stone mountain.

F. K. Guard countstogether with Robert Gernhardt, hitting a corner hard Henscheid, F.W. Amber, Chlodwig Poth, Bernd express ore, Peter Knorr and Hans Traxler to the legendary new one Frankfurt one school.

Guard drew among other things for twen, pardon, Titanic and the time magazine, wrote Kinderbücher and Cartoonbücher for adults as well as a large number of plays. it took its official parting from the sow-Irish indication art to 1992, in order to dedicate itself more to the child theatre. Altogether short dramas developed and over seventy miniatures,evening-filling plays.

Its first independent book success was anti- Struwwelpeter (1970), an anti-authoritarian Parodie on Struwwelpeter. Later guard dissociated itself from the book, because he find it “too woodcut-like”.


of works

  • I is the largest one, 1966(Frankfurt/Main: Bear Meier & Nikel)
  • the truth about Arnold strike, 1966 (joint work with F.W. Amber and Robert Gernhardt).
  • The small Zweckermann, 1969 (Frankfurt/Main: Bear Meier & Nikel)
  • anti- Struwwelpeter, 1970
  • the Kronenklauer, 1972(Text as well as Bernd express ore)
  • for table flax cover you and club from the bag, 1972 (sub-title: A new fairy tale)
  • I roar to the window raus, 1973 (child games of roles with texts for singing)
  • we can still much together make, 1973(Picture book)
  • the Hebräer, 1973 the monster play,
  • was so stupid 1975
  • Grandpa Huckes going through cabinet, 1976
  • school with clowns, the devil with the three golden hair, Pustekuchen (1975/76 Ellermann publishing house, publishing house of the authors)
  • the farmers in the well, 1978
  • probable look again no pig, 1978
  • Kiebich and Dutz, 1979
  • the journey, 1980 (sub-title: A terriblly beautiful picture history)
  • it lives the Freihei…, 1981 ISBN 325700303X
  • of feeling mice, 1981 (plays and pictures for going through)
  • whocomes along on the Lofoten?, 1982
  • the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, 1982
  • men on lost post, 1983
  • only the head not to hang leave, 1983
  • the red wolf, 1998
  • my 1. Glass beer, 1998
  • The creation, 2002
  • full moon, 2005

plays (selection)

  • the Beinemacher (1974)
  • of Bremen the city musi edges (1977)
  • the devil with the three golden hair (1981)
  • trip with clowns (1985)
  • F.K. Guard Ixypsilonzett (1990)
  • the last things (1992)
  • The ice princess (1993, in two versions)
  • prince Hamlet (1995)
  • Lysistrata (after Aristophanes, 1997)
  • the Aschenputtler (1998)
  • Tristan and Isolde (2002)
  • Karneval of the animals (2002)
  • the fool of the king (Kwast) (2003)


  • olive Maria Schmitt: The sharpest critics of the moose. The new Frankfurt ones school in word and line and picture. Berlin: Alexander celebration publishing house 2001. ISBN 3-8286-0109-X

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