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book fair. W. Amber (actually Fritz Weigle, * 4. March 1938 in Göppingen), German poet, commercial artist and Satiriker.

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Fritz Weigle is only son of Friedrich and Anna Weigle (geb. Krathwohl). It visits the High School in Göppingen. After the Abitur it studies 1957 at the Stuttgart academy of arts. There he learns Robert Gernhardt know. 1958 changes both to the university for screen end of arts in Berlin. 1960 it returns to Stuttgart, where it takes the art educator examination in the spring 1961. In the winter 1961 it takes the diagram study in Berlin,whereby it to the FU Berlin Germanistik studies at the same time. 1964 he takes the examination in the Beifach German.

Its educational career began Weigle 1965 as a junior lawyer in Frankfurt Saxonia living. 1966 he becomes a teacher in the hessian school service, 1968 Assessor in Bath Homburg. 1972 he is finally employed as an art educator at the educational university in Goettingen. From 1984 to its retirement 1999 he is a professor for caricature and picture story in Germany at the university of the arts in Berlin.

InApril 1964 occurs Weigle the editorship of the sow-Irish monthly magazine Pardon . Becomes a little later - together with Robert Gernhardt and F. K. Guard - the Pardon - supplement world in the mirror (WimS), the independent newspaper for a cleanerWorld, from the baptism elevated and until 1975 continued.

F. W. Amber forms together with Robert Gernhardt, hitting a corner hard Henscheid, F. K. Guard, Chlodwig Poth, Bernd express ore and Hans Traxler the legendary new one Frankfurt one school,their publication organ starting from 1979 the satire magazine Titanic became.

Amber lives and works in Berlin. It is married with Sabine Weigle.


  • the truth about Arnold strike (fictitious Biografie), to 1966 (joint work with F.K. Guard and Robert Gernhardt).
  • World in the mirror 1964-1969 (Reprint of the first five years of WimS) (together with Lützel Jeman (d.i. Robert Gernhardt) and F. K. Guard), Frankfurt 1969
  • Besternte harvest (poems), 1976 (together with Robert Gernhardt)
  • the draughtsman as- Very interesting designs, Goettingen 1978
  • Reimwärts (poems), pouring 1981
  • our Goethe - a reader (hrsgg. with hitting a corner hard Henscheid), 1982
  • literary dream and desire calendar (together with hitting a corner hard Henscheid), Zurich 1985
  • great moments of a penholder - new of the draughtsmanLiving day, Zurich 1986
  • TV-Zombies - pictures and characters (together with hitting a corner hard Henscheid), Haffmans Vlg., Zurich 1987
  • LOCK call of the love (poems), Zurich 1988
  • of amber book of the Zeichnerei - a lehr, a desire, a special and a technical book specialsame, Haffmans, Zurich 1989(noch 2004 die bedeutendste Einführung in Zeichnung und Karikatur auf dem Markt)
  • Der Blechbläser und sein Kind. Diagram, Gritik, Gomik, 1993
  • if angels, then such, 1994
  • Reimweh (poems and Prosa), Reclam, 1994
  • the hour of the man tears - textson paper. Designs also, Berlin of 1995
  • citizens of Berlin picture book of brominenter Bersönlichkeiten (together with Manfred Bofinger), 1999
  • 3 the Frisöre. A haarige reading of Robert Gernhardt, F. W. Amber and F. K. Guard (CD), Zurich 1999.
  • Moose, scrapper-cleanings, Iand you (animal poems), Munich 2000
  • the fall of Goettingen and other feats in WRT and Bld (gathering of material and period of life report on the time of 1972 to 1985, given change of Peter Köhler), sentence work publishing house, Goettingen 2000
  • smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of Wagners travel into the luck. Its lifein pictures and verses, celebration publishing house, 2002


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