of these articles treats an US-American authority. FBI is also the abbreviation for the Federation OF British Industries, for the specialist area computer science to various universities as well as an international group of artists.
Siegel des FBI
Seal FBI

the FBI (full name: F ederal B ureau OF I nvestigation, federal investigation authority/boy) is the main determination authority of the Ministry of Justice of the United States.

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Its employment emphasis serves the maintenance of authorities and organizations subordinated by right and law , protection from activities and support of terror and monitoring. Altogether the field of activity covers more than 200 crime types. The pursuit of terrorism, drug trade, espionage, force crime and white-collar crimehighest priority is granted.

structure and budget

the FBI finance billion with an annual budget of 4,3 $ (2003) 455 offices in the USA and 46 further in other states. The authority employs 29,000 coworkers, under it12.000 so-called. Special agents and is arranged into eight head departments:

  • National security (national Security division);
  • Criminality (Criminal Investigative division);
  • Information (Criminal Justice information services (CJIS) division);
  • Laboratory (FBI Laboratory);
  • Information (information Resources division (IRD));
  • Training (training division);
  • Administration (administrative services division);
  • Finances (Finance division).


the FBI maintains its own school for the training of its coworkers. The FBI Academy is on the property of the navy Corps cousin Quantico in Quantico, Virginia. Among other things those offers - academy to FBIhigh-specialized training programmes for high-level personnel within the range of the prosecution on, to whom also foreign police officers become certified.

Hauptquartier in Washington (D.C.)
Headquarters in Washington (D.C.)


the authority became originally as office OF Investigation/BOI (Untersuchungsbehörde/UB). to 26. July 1908 by Charles JosephBonaparte based and carries its current names since 1936.

1978 becomes as consequence of the determinations of the Church Committee in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act the competencies FBI as inland intelligence service and its control by constant committees of congress of US again regulated.

The headquarters FBI is in Washington (D.C.).

The FBI is world-wide a squint-learn-squinting squint-learn-learning that term and causes the most different associations. Since the early years the public work of the American federal authority operated with reproduction coined/shaped first thatPicture of the incorruptible, high-professional “G-Men”, which almost seek out all-knowing each criminal sooner or later.

After the death of the legendary director J. Edgar Hoover, which led the FBI during one period of nearly 50 years as quasi-autonomous mechanism, got thisImage due to admits become abuses and instrumentalizations to “office” to political purposes deep scratches.

Since that 11. Septembers 2001 address themselves the eyes of many Americans again with largest interest on the “Feds”, those “were on terrorism” to foremostFront to fight are. Sometimes the substantial expansion of the authority of the security authorities, all in front FBI, gives cause for concern and criticism (for a comprehensive history FBI in German language see. Ellermann, euro pole and FBI, Baden-Baden 2005).

Seitenansicht der FBI-Zentrale
Side view that FBI - center


Bureau OF Investigation (BOI) (1908 to 1935):

Federal office OF Investigation (1936 until today):

  • J. Edgar Hoover - director from 1936 to its death inYears 1972
  • L. Patrick Gray, 1972/73, and William Ruckelshaus 1973.
  • Clarence M. Kelley (1973 - 1978)
  • William H. Webster (1978 - 1987)
  • William S. Session (1987 - 1993)
  • Louis Freeh (1993 - 2001) - acknowledge after eight years of a ten-annual contract the service
  • Robert Mueller (since 2001) - became from the senate with a 98:0 - to majority [
work on] see

also Critical


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