Fiber plastic Barcelona

fiber plastic Barcelona
association data
based: 29. November 1899
association colors: Blue-red
members: 135,000
Peñas: 1,545
kinds of sport: Football, basketball, hand ball,
Feldhockey, Rugby, ice hockey,
baseball, Volleyball, ice art run
stadium: Camp Nou
(seats: 98.600)
(place size: 105x68 m)
Association guidance
president: Joan Laporta i Estruch
1. Vice-president: Albert Vicens
technical one. Director: Txiki Begiristain
general directress: Anna Xicoy
coach: Franc Rijkaard
CO coach: Henk Ten Cate
CO coach: Eusebio Sacristán Mena
Torwart coach: Juan Carlo Unzué
address: Avenida Arístides Maillol
08028 Barcelona
telephone: 93 - 4 96 36 00
Fax: 93 - 4 11 22 19
season 2004/2005
Primera division: Master, Trofeo Zamora
Copa del Rey: 1. Round (0,1 n.V. vs Gramanet)
champion League: Round of the last sixteen (2: 1, 2:4 vs Chelsea fiber plastic)
other successes: Supercopa (3: 0, 1:2 vs Betis Sevilla)

the Futbol club Barcelona, briefly Barça mentioned, is the soccer association of Spain most famous beside material Madrid. 1992 won the club the champions League.

Under the contraction “Barça” (battle call of the fans: “Força Barça! ”; dt.: Barça forwards! “) admitted association is in Catalan Barcelona resident and delivers his Heimspiele in the Camp Nou , which is the largest of Europe with 98.600 places one of the largest stages of the world and. With approximately 135,000 members is the fiber plastic Barcelona before the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich of the member-strongest Sportverein of the world andby approximately 1,600 fan clubs (“Penyes”) one supports. The association carries a outstanding new generation work out, which manifests itself in many star, which were trained in the legendary La Masia.

To the association also different sport sections belong, about to hand ball (fiber plastic Barcelona Cifec) Rollhockey and basketball. The basketball associationin the year 2003 for the first time the European Cup, the most important Trophäe in the European association sport won. The hand ball department is with seven titles in the EHF champions League the erfolgeichste crew in this competition. Barça can be regarded thereby as the most successful hand ball one shank of the world.

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of the fiber plastics Barcelona becameto 29. November 1899 of Swiss Hans Gamper based. In the time of the Franco - dictatorship was the stadium meeting place of the Katalanen, in order to talk about political topics. Since the yearly maps always brought the visitors to the same places, the visitors knew each other and could inFootball stadium talk with one another, without fearing Repressalien. Today are Heimspiele of Barça often sell off, because more club members exist than seats and/or. Visitor places available are automatic and club members visitor right have.

Pope Johannes Paul II. was honour member of the fiber plastic Barcelona. Except Athletic Bilbao and Madrid is materialthe fiber plastic Barcelona the only club, which never descended from the Primera División.

the individual years

a simple classified advertisement was located to 1899-1928 at the beginning in the magazine “lot Deportes”. Mr. Hans Gamper, native Swiss and at that time straight times22 years young, wanted soccer games to organize. Prospective customers were asked to announce itself in the editorship. Nobody could suspect that from it once the largest football club of the world would become. On this classified advertisement some persons announced themselves. The meetings following on it led to 29. November 1899 toEstablishment football club Barcelona. The first president was Gualteri game, Hans Gamper was a first captain. The first plays were played in the Velódromo de la Bonanova, however the all first play with 0:1 was lost. 1901 found the first official competitions Copa Macaya and Campeonato de Cataluña instead of. 1909 changed the crew into a new stadium, in the La Escopidora, the first stadium in Spain with floodlight. One year later had Barça already 560 of members. 1910 got the Katalanen their first Spanish cup. 1914 are Paulino Alcántara the star of the crew. He is up to the today's day the player, who shot most gates, altogether 356, for the fiber plastic Barcelona. 1919 debütierten with Josep Samitier and Ricardo Zamora of two legendary players. 1921 rose the numberat members rapidly on over 10.000. To 20. March 1922 was inaugurated a new stadium , Les Corts. This stadium had some years at the beginning of a spectator capacity of 20.000, later however to 60.000 was increased. Due to at the time the dominant dictatorship 1925 became the stadiumLes Corts after an eclat closed: An English naval force was at this time in the port of Barcelona, on which a friendship game between the fiber plastic Barcelona and the sailor was set. First the English was played, then the Spanish national anthem. Around the autonomy efforts expression toolends, tuned the Barcelonesen during the Spanish hymn a gellendes whistling and booing on. That was for the colonel general Milans del Bosch, Spanish commander for Katalonien, sitting in a Loge, too much. It arranged the locking of the stadium for six months. Hans Gamper becameset off from the military regime of the general Miguel Primo de Rivera as a club boss. Close was put to it to leave the country as fast as possible. In addition it had to in writing swear to to apply never the office for president. Between 1899 and 1928 Barça thirteen times wonthe Catalan championship, eight times the Spanish cup and four times the Pyreneeses Cup.


1929 the fiber plastic Barcelona the first master of the again created Spanish league, the Primera División became. To 13. October 1930 died Hans Gamper, founder andoccasional president of the association. It had through-lived difficult times, had troubled depressions it. Its money it had invested in New York and in the world economic crisis at the beginning of of 1930 practically by one day on the others had lost. It seized to the pistol and shot themselves. After deathon Hans Gamper through-lived also the fiber plastic Barcelona a very difficult time. In the league Barcelona became victim of constant disadvantages. At the same time with the republic also the number of members sank. 1933 changed also still Josep Samitier to the ore rival material for Madrid. 1934 came both the spielerischeand economic crisis to their high point: only thanks of a heightening of the league on 12 crews did not descend Barcelona, since they became next to last. In the following two seasons the euphoria returned, and the association recovered slow. The situation changed however againdue to the Spanish civil war. Josep Sunyol, club president at that time and delegate of ERC “Esquerra Republicana Catalana”, was shot under martial law 1936 in the civil war by troops of the later dictator Francisco Franco, on which the crew went into the exile to Mexico. The number of the members sank at the beginningthe Franco regime on 2.500, the club stood practically before from. In order to prevent this, the Gefolgsleute Francos was selected into the executive committee. In addition, they infected themselves soon with the national convicition of the association, which gave promptly difficulties with the Madrider central power to them. AfterCompletion of the civil war forced Franco a change of the coat of arms as well as the association name. In the coat of arms the Catalan flag were changed, and the association was called starting from this time club de Fútbol Barcelona. Some players returned from the exile, normality turned slowly. Between 1929 and 1941 Barça won once the Spanish championship and six times the Catalan championship.


1943 penetrated policemen before a play Barças with material Madrid into the cab and gave the Katalanen to understand that a victory over material for themwould be dangerous; Barcelona lost 1:11. The chicaneries of the regime had the consequence that the hate of the Katalanen was still strengthened on the “royal ones”.1944 were created the first fan club (Penya), and Josep Samitier returned as a coach . In a league play Barça won against material in Les Corts 5:0, 1945 won it their second championship. The number of members rose over 20.000, and one decided for the building for the time at that time of a revolutionary grandstand in Les Corts. 1946 lost Barcelona the championship in the last play approximately Fiber plastic Sevilla. It became later admits that Sevilla let a player without permission of the Spanish football federation play, it gave however only a fine for Sevilla. 1948 won Barcelona its third championship, one year later the fourth championship. In the early 50's becamethat exile-Hungarian Ladislaus Kubala obligated, it holds to today a lonely record - he played in three national teams. Three times it stormed for Hungary, six times for the former CSSR and 19 times for Spain. The fiber plastic Barcelona won those with Kubala twiceSpanish championship. In the season 1951 - Barça all official competitions, which were to be won, won 52 since that time it the season of the five cups (Barça de les Cinc Copes) is called. 1953 won Barcelona for the sixth time the Spanish championship. They obligated Luis Suárez. The ingenious midfield player applies until today as the best Spanish player of all times. He is the only Spanish soccer player to the European soccer player of the yearly was selected.1953 were likewise obligated the Argentine exception soccer player Alfredo di Stefano. The Vorfreude was however comes prematurely, the royalClub material Madrid transmitted between them. Its president Santiago Bernabeu intervened with the Spanish football federation. And who was president of the football federation? Sancho Davila, a nephew of the former dictator Primo de Rivera, who had let the stadium in Barcelona close thirty years before. Di Stefano,that had already played some friendship games with the leotard of Barça, came on it to material. To 24. September 1957 was inaugurated the Camp Nou, which seized at that time still unbelievable 120,000 spectators and so that the largest stadium of Europe was. 1958 won Barça the first fair cup- Forerunners of the UEFA Cups. In the season 1958-59 Barcelona the double (championship and Cup winner) succeeded. In the league they shot 96 gates in only 30 plays. 1959 became Barça the sieved mark of Spanish masters. They got themselves the fair cup for the second time. The bitterestHour experienced Barça in this season in the European Cup: With 24:7 gates Barcelona had reached the semi-final, opponents was material the hated rival Madrid, the four times winner and title defender. Barcelona lost twice 1:3. Between 1942 and 1960 Barça seven times won the Spanish league, six times the Spanish cup, twice the Copa Latina and twice the fair cup.


in the season 1960 - to 61 Barça the feat succeeded, at the same time the quarter final in the fair cup as well as for the first time the final of the European Cup of the national mastersto reach. The opponent was Benfica Lisbon. Barcelona lost this play, whereby one should mention the fact that Barça four times met the post, made two self-gates and Benfica could clarify a ball on the line. This lost final game was the beginning of a delicate economical andspielerischen situation.Luis Suárez was sold at inter Milan.

1962 were lost final game, this time the final game of the fair cup against Valencia CF. Barcelona went to 1965 from a bad season into the other one , came it in the semi-final of the fair cup. After it three timesagainst Racing Strasbourg undecided, decided the UEFA had played to throw a coin. Barça did not have luck and by the lot of a coin from the competition was thrown.

1967 came it to a scandal in the Santiago Bernabeu: Barça lost 0:1 approximately material Madrid, after the arbitrator Ortiz de Mendibil had extended this play without justification more than 10 minutes. Material Madrid shot the victory gate in the 96. Minute. After playing said the arbitrator that its clock stand had remained.

1968 met Barça and material in the Spanish king cup final game againone on the other. One played in the Santiago Bernabeu. Of Barcelona 1:0 - success was received into the annals as “final game of the bottles”. Applied material fans threw playing nonstop after bottles, tomatoes, etc. on the playing field. The sales of Glasflaschen in Spanish football stadiums is forbidden for this day. Those alreadybefore the play heated atmosphere did not come also days later to the peace. On the one hand the Madrider association guidance published a hurting list of the players, who were atackiert allegedly intentionally by Catalan players, on the other hand praised Santiago Bernabeu Barças restaurant rival Espanyol Barcelona “alone for the fact, in Kataloniento before-sit an association, which carries the name Español [Spanish] ". The player Benitez died due to a food poisoning.

to 1969 Barça arrives for the first time into the final of the European Cup of the Cup winners, this play was however not won. The season 1969 - begins 70 with a 3:3 - league playagainst material Madrid, from this play one must emphasize the heavy injury of Bustillo, which was brutally gefoult of de Felipe. Bustillo had shot 2 gates within 5 minutes against material.

To 6. June 1970 came it in the Camp Nou to meeting one another Barçaapproximately material Madrid in the cup half final replay. Barça led 1:0, when the arbitrator Guruceta gave the royal one an eleven-meter (the alleged Foulspiel was at least three meters before the Strafraum) and a applaudierenden Barça player showed the red map. After further wrong decisions the patience thread of the fans, and some torestormed the place. And as if they would have waited for it, hundreds of policemen jumped here and proceeded with extreme brutality against the fans: “Police, murderer” - calls resounded by the stadium. Barças association point placed itself after these events behind the fans. Guruceta was finally accused closed, Barças president,and material Madrid stood in the final.

Between 1961 and 1970 Barça three times won the Spanish cup and a mark the fair cup.


in the season 1971/1972 playful Barça on the next to last play day the championship. They did not create it approximately Córdoba, which had mathematically already descended to win. They won however the last out-played fair cup.

To 5. May 1972 died Josep Samitier.

1973 were committed to Johan Cruyff. After 14 long years Barcelona won again the Spanish championship. To 17. February 1974Barça in the Santiago Bernabeu 5:0 won approximately material Madrid. Cruyff was selected 1973 and 1974 to the best European player.

1978 was held the first democratic presidency elections, Josep Lluis Nuñez came out from it as a winner. 1979 succeeded to Barça up to then probably most important success inassociation history: To 16. They won May the cup of the Cup winners against Fortuna Duesseldorf. 1981 rose the number of the members to over 100.000. The player Quini was kidnapped. 1982 were won the second cup of the Cup winners. With the “mini Estadi “a further becameStadium for the second crew inaugurated, which is larger than the stages of many German federal league crews.

In the season 1982 - 83 Diego Maradona was committed, to one the probably best soccer player of all times. 1985 won Barcelona for the tenth time the Spanish championship. 1986 came Barçafor the second time into the final of the European Cup of the national masters. After in the regular play time no gate had been shot, Steaua Bucharest in the penalty shootout had the luck on its side and won this cup.

1988 were appointed Johan Cruyff the coach, with which the emergencethe Dream began teams. Between 1971 and 1989 Barça won twice the Spanish championship, five times the Spanish cup, a mark the fair cup, three times the cup of the Cup winners, twice the league cup and a mark the Spanish Supercup.

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1991 the first Spanish championship of the Dream team came. Sovereign, with 10 points projection/lead on Atletico Madrid, view ores itself the Katalanen the cup.

The largest success of association history succeeded to the “blue Grana” however to 20. May 1992. In the 110. Minute hammered Ronald Koeman a freistoss in the Londoner Wembley stadium into the opposing gate. It was 1:0 in champions the League - final against Sampdoria Genova. After the fair cup/UEFA Cup (four times) and the cup of the Cup winners (four times) Barça had finally also the cup of the national masterswon. The way in the final was not simple however. Barça stood nearly before from, as it against the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern before end of the play 3:0 for the Pfälzer stood briefly. With a magnificent head ball gate ten seconds before conclusion by Bakero was the wayin the final smoothed.

The Spanish championship 1992 was won likewise. Material Madrid would have been sufficient an undecided, in order to become masters. After material 0:2 lay in guidance, CD Tenerife still won with 3:2. Barça won its play and became thus master. The number of members exceeded on108.000.

1993 came the third championship of the Dream team. The decision fell again on the last play day, again material Madrid against Tenerifa. Material, it had to win lost however again against CD Tenerife, and thus Barça became the third time one behind the other Spanish master.

1994 wonBarça for the fourth time the Spanish Meistertitel, and for the third time was already determined one behind the other the master on the last play day. Barcelona had to reach one point more than Deportivo La Coruña. Barcelona won its play against Sevilla 5:2. In the last minute Deportivo got oneEleven-meter awarded. If Deportivo had transformed this eleven-meter, they would have become masters.Valencias Torwart held however this Elfer. Barça came again after 1992 into the final of the champions League, where they had to put however an harsh defeat in. They lost 0:4 against AC Milan in Athens.

1996 were obligated Ronaldo. He came as large soccer players to Barcelona and terminated the season as world-best players. For the fourth time Barça won the cup of the Cup winners. In the Spanish cup it came to a historical play between Barça and Atletico Madrid. Barçastood already 0:3 in the back, as Ronaldo & cost. still tear the play could and at the end 5:4 won. The final game of the Spanish cup was played in the Santiago Bernabeu. Barcelona won this cup, and therefore the Barça hymn sounded by the royal loudspeakers of the Santiago Bernabeu. Ronaldo changes end of the season to inter Milan.

In the season 1997 - 98, with Louis van Gaal as coaches, Barça the Spanish championship, the Spanish cup and the UEFA Supercup won. As replacement for Ronaldo Rivaldo was obligated. Barcelona becameto the best association crew of the world selected.1999, for the hundred-year existence of the association, became Barça again Spanish master. Barcelona celebrated the anniversary, and the stadium Camp Nou was distinguished of the UEFA as “five-star stadium”. It became the scene of the champion of League final of 1999.

Inthe season 1999 - 00, after over 22 years in the office, left Nuñez the executive committee of the association and announced new elections. With it also Louis van Gaal went. New president became Joan gas part, former vice-president of Nuñez. Barcelona became from the Spanish cupthis-qualified, because the crew refused itself beginning to a play. Their argument was, it would have too few available players, since all master players with the respective national teams would have to play. Barça got a fine and was this-qualified.Rivaldo was selected to the FIFA - players of the yearly.

Between 1990 and 2000 Barça six times the Spanish championship, four times the Spanish Supercup, twice the European Supercup, won twice the Spanish cup, a mark the cup of the Cup winners and three times the Catalan Cup.


2004/2005 wonBarça after longer time again a Spanish championship. With the Dutch coach franc Rijkaard and players such as Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto `o, Xavi and Puyol had one world class team together. The Brazilian Ronaldinho was gekührt 2004 and 2005 to the FIFA world soccer player of the yearly.

The rivals

the two large ore rivals of the fiber plastic Barcelona are far more than only fussballerische opponents. The restaurant rival Espanyol Barcelona stood for the “Spanish Katalonien”, while material Madrid was regarded symbolically for a centralistic Spain. Owing to the forced democratization of the political system in the latter, Kataloniens accompanied to decades, removed the explosiveness of the Derbys with the increase of the autonomy status, disappeared however not completely. In the following a small review of some plays of

material and Barça, the dark chapter

the sympathies, those the Hauptstädtern on the part of the Franco - dictatorshipwere brought, did their remaining, so that itself the climate between the two largest Spanish associations everything else as relaxed.Gamper was set off 1925 from the military regime of the general Miguel Primo de Rivera as a club boss. One his successor, the delegate Josep Sunyol, became 1936 inCivil war of troops of the later dictator Francisco Franco under martial law shot. The crew went into the exile to Mexico. The number of the members sank at the beginning of the Franco - on 2.500, the club stood for regimes before from.

The chicaneries of the regime had the consequence that the hatethe Katalanen on the “royal ones” was still strengthened. Many Barça fans identify the ore rivals to today with the Franco - regime and the Madrider centralism.

The balance approximately material Madrid (conditions: November 05)
Place of plays of victories undecided defeats Torverh.
At home 78 45 14 19 153:94
outward 79 13 17 49 84:167
neutral place 0 0 0 0 0:0
entire 157 58 31 68 237:261
the balance against Espanyol Barcelona (conditions: September 05)
Place of plays of victories undecided defeats Torverh.
At home 72 57 7 8 176:66
outward 72 25 23 24 92:95
Neutral place 0 0 0 0 0:0
entire 144 82 30 32 268:161


dead el camp, és un clam,

som la gent blaugrana
Dance SE val d'on venim
SI del south o del north era estem d'acord, estem d'acord
una banderaens agermana.

Blaugrana aluminium vent, un crit valence
tenim un nom, el sap tothom:
Barça, Barça, Baaaarça.

Jugadors, seguidors,

tots unit fem força.
Són molt anys plens d'afanys
són molts gols que hem cridat
i s'ha demo-stepped, s'ha demo-stepped
que May ningú NO enspodrà more torcer.

blue grana aluminium vent, un crit valence
tenim un nom, el sap tothom:
Barça, Barça, Baaaarça.


after the legend the association colors blue are garnet red and (Catalan: blue grana) a Hommage at the fiber plastics Basel, with which Gamper played as a captain,or at the fiber plastic Excelsior Zurich, the Gamper along-justified. Is played in Nike - Dressen in the association colors.

Barcelona does not have to today as world-wide only Top club on principle a leotard sponsor, since one always understood oneself as a kind Catalan national team. In the season 2005/2006 should Rumors according to for economic reasons this principle to be gone off: the Chinese government was planned as a first leotard sponsor of the Katalanen. Allegedly should be recruited for the olympic summer games 2008 in Peking. However it came to no conclusion of a contract. Also for the season there was 2006/2007 negotiationswith, however also these came to no conclusion. Since one could agree so far with no other sponsor, no sponsor the leotard of Barça thus still ziert”.


since center 20. Century belongs Barça to the most successful teamsSpain and Europe. That reflects itself also in successes and titles, which the association won so far in its history.

international one of successes

champion League (1)

Barcelona won the champions League once.

UEFA Cup (3)

the UEFA Cup was so far three times won.

European Cup thatCup winner (4)

UEFA Supercup (2)

the UEFA - Supercup in that the winner of the champions Leagueand the winner of the UEFA cup meets one another, won the fiber plastic Barcelona twice.

Copa Latina (2)

Trofeo Carranza (3)

the Trofeo Ramón de Carranza (Carranza cup) won the fiber plastic Barcelona three times.

of successes in Spain

Trofeo Gamper (30)

The Gamper Trophäe is a title, which each year a selected team can win against the fiber plastic Barcelona.

] Primera División

(17) altogether

Barcelona won 2002 2003 between 1929 and 2005 17 Spanish Meistertitel. The fiber plastic Barcelona won the first season in the Primera División, which was out-played.

Copadel Rey (24)

with 24 cup victories is Barcelona in the Spanish cup competition Copa del Rey the measure of all things.

Supercopa de España (6)

the Spanish supercup, in which the Spanish master and the Cup winner meet one another, won the fiber plastic Barcelona six times.

Campeonato de Catalunya (21)

the Catalan championship won Barcelona 21mal.

Copa de Pirineos (4)

the Pyreneeses Cup the fiber plastic Barcelona loosely won four times.

Copa Macaya (1)

the Copa Macaya won the fiber plastic Barcelona once.

Copa de la league (2)

the Spanish league cup won the fiber plastic Barcelona twice.

Copa Catalunya (3)

the Copa Catalunya won the fiber plastic Barcelona three times.

club members

executive committee

position name since
technical director: Txiki Begiristain
general manager: Anna Xicoy 2004
president: Joan Laporta i Estruch 2003
first vice-president: Albert Vicens
communication and foreign relationses: Jordi Badia
executive committee secretary: Xavier Cambra
marketing: Esteve Calzada
vice-president (marketing and PR): Mark of Ingla
finances: Francisco López
Vice-president (finances): Ferran Soriano
sport sections: Jaume Ferrer
right: Josep Cubells
social: Clàudia Vives Fierro
vice-president (social): Josep M. Fontclara
social and fan support: Tonuses Rovira
security: Elies Frade
medicine: Jordi Ardèvol

training staff

position name since
coach: Franc Rijkaard of 2003
CO coaches: Henk Ten Cate 2003
Eusebio Sacristán Mena
Torwart coach: Juan Carlo Unzué

cadre 2005/06

number nationality (EN) name since last association captain
1 Spanier Víctor Valdés Arribas 1992 fiber plastics Barcelona B
25 Spanier Albert Jorquera Fortia 2003 fiber plastics Barcelona B
28 Spanier Rubén Iván Martínez Andrade 2004 fiber plastics BarcelonaB
number nationality (EN) name since last association captain
2 Brasilianer Italiener Juliano house Belletti 2004 fiber plastics Villarreal
4 Mexikaner Rafael Márquez Álvarez 2003 AS Monaco
5 Spanier Carles Puyol Saforcada 1994 fiber plastics Barcelona B 1. Captain
12 Niederländer Gio vanni van Bronckhorst 2003 arsenal London
15 Brasilianer Italiener Edmílson (José Gomesde Moraes) 2004 Olympique Lyon
16 Brasilianer Sylvinho (Sylvio Mendes Campos junior) 2004 Celta Vigo
23 Spanier Oleguer Presas Renom 2001 fiber plastics Barcelona B
32 Spanier Damià Abella Pérez 2004 fiber plastics Barcelona B
Centre zone
number nationality (EN) name since last association captain
3 Brasilianer Italiener Thiago Motta 1998 fiber plastics Barcelona B
6 Spanier Xavi Hernández Creus 1991 fiber plastics Barcelona B 3. Captain
8 Franzose Ludovic Giuly 2004 AS Monaco
10 Brasilianer Ronaldinho (Ronaldo de Assis Moreira) 2003 Paris Saint Germain 2. Captain
17 Niederländer Marks van Bommel 2005 PSV Eindhoven
18 Spanier Gabri el García De la Torre 1995 fiber plastics Barcelona B
20 Brasilianer Portugiese Deco (Anderson one Luis de Souza) 2004 fiber plastics postage
24 Spanier Andrés Iniesta Lujan 1996 fiber plastics Barcelona B
31 Spanier Joan Verdú Fenández 2004 fiber plastics Barcelona B
33 Spanier Rodrí (Sergio Rodríguez García) 2004 fiber plastics Barcelona B
number nationality (EN) name since last association captain
7 Schwede Henrik Larsson 2004 Celtic Glasgow
9 Kamerunese Samuel Eto'o Fils 2004 RCD Mallorca
11 Argentinier Italiener Maxi miliano Gastón López 2005 River Plate Buenos Aires
14 Spanier Santiago Ezquerro Marín 2005 Athletic Bilbao
19 Argentinier Spanier Lionel Andrés Messi 2000 fiber plastics Barcelona B
36 Spanier Javito (Francisco Javier Peral Periane) 2004 fiber plastics Barcelona B


goal keeper


midfield player


acquaintance coach



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